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    Sec. 6-61. Definition.


    Sec. 6-61. Definition.
    As used in this article, a "commercial recreation center" is defined as any establishment where foosball, table tennis, shuffleboard or any other game of recreation or amusement is displayed for public patronage, where the insertion of a coin, slug or token or the payment of a fee is required and where three (3) or more such game machines are in use. There is excepted from this article and the regulations contained herein game machines operated as an incident to a club or business establishment duly licensed and regulated by the state alcoholic beverage control board; however, such club or business establishment shall obtain a permit as required by section 6-71 of this chapter and shall comply with the provisions of sections 6-72 through 6-80 of this chapter. (Ord. of 4-8-75, § 26-17; Ord. No. O-89-289, § 1, 10-24-89)
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