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    Sec. 6-5. Indecent and Obscene Shows.


    Sec. 6-5. Indecent and obscene shows.
    It shall be unlawful for any theatrical or opera troupe, the manager of any moving picture house, or other organization or person to produce any show, opera or play, to exhibit any picture, or any other entertainment in which there is any indecent display, obscene, vulgar or licentious language, or immoral plot, or for the manager of any show, play or opera house, moving picture house, or other building under his control, to permit any such show, play, opera or moving picture as is above prohibited. Upon satisfactory evidence, the city manager may prohibit the production or exhibition of any such show, play, opera, picture or entertainment. This section shall not be construed to apply to motion pictures approved by the censors for the division of motion picture censorship in the state department of law. (Code 1959, § 26-5)
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