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    Sec. 5-60. Definitions.

    For the purposes of this article, the following words shall have the meanings respectively ascribed to them by this section:
    Certificate: A certificate of public convenience and necessity issued by the City  Manager or his designee, under the provisions of this article, authorizing the holder thereof to operate as a non-emergency medical transportation carrier in the city.
    Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Carrier:  A motor carrier that exclusively provides non-emergency medical transportation and provides such transportation only through the Virginia Department of Medical Assistance Services, through a broker operating under a contract with the Department of Medical Assistance Services, or as a Medicaid Managed Care organization contracted with the Department of Medical Assistance Services to provide such transportation.
    Non-Emergency Medical Transportation:  Non-emergency medical transportation is a form of medical transportation which is provided in non-emergency situations to a person who is medically stable, but is in need of medical support during transportation and is being transported for the purpose of receiving treatment and/or medical evaluation.  Non-emergency medical transportation includes, but is not limited to, visits to doctors and hospitals for testing and treatment, or other locations where a specially equipped vehicle is used to transport a person. Non-emergency medical transportation means there is not an emergency need or a life and death reason for the transport.
    (Ord. No. O-14-019, 03-11-14)