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    Sec. 5-6. Rates - Generally.


    Sec. 5-6. Rates—Generally.
    Effective on January 1, 2012, and for each year thereafter, unless otherwise changed by city council, the following rates for ambulance services shall apply.
    (a) The rates to be charged for the transportation of a patient from one (1) point within the city to another point within the city on a non-emergency basis shall be at a base rate of three hundred twenty-five dollars ($325.00) per trip, and four hundred twenty-five dollars ($425.00) per trip when such transportation is conducted on an emergency basis; provided, however, that:
    (1) In addition to the base charges provided in subsections (a) and (b) of this section there shall also be a charge of nine dollars ($9.00) for each mile the patient is transported.
    (b) Whenever a patient receives advanced life support procedure performed by the emergency medical services personnel, the rate shall be four hundred twenty-five dollars ($425.00) per patient, if provided on a non-emergency basis; five hundred dollars ($500.00) if provided on an emergency basis, and seven hundred dollars ($700.00) if provided on an emergency basis and three (3) or more different medications combined with at least one (1) specialized ALS procedure are administered.
    (c) Whenever an ambulance responds to a call for ambulance service, if the patient is evaluated by emergency medical services personnel and receives treatment but no transport occurs, the rate shall be one hundred dollars ($100.00) per patient. (Code 1959, § 3.1-15.1; Ord. of 12-13-77; Ord. No. O-82-093, § 1, 5-25-82, eff. 7-1-82; Ord. No. O-84-141, § 1, 6-12-84, eff. 7-1-84; Ord. No. O-86-054, § 1, 4-8-86, eff. 7-1-86; Ord. No. O-88-062, § 1, 3-22-88, eff. 7-1-88; Ord. No. O-90-093, 3-27-90, eff. 7-1-90; Ord. No. O-92-119,4-28-92; Ord. No. O-93-082, 3-23-93, eff. 7-1-93; Ord. No. O-93-105, 4-27-93; Ord. No. O-94-318, eff. 1-1-95; Ord. No. O-95-206, 7-11-95, eff. 9-1-95; Ord. No. O-96- 140, 5-28-96; Ord. No. O-00-238, 11-14-00, eff. 12-1-00; Ord. No. O-04-062, 6-8-04, eff. 7-1-04; Ord. No. O-11-130, 11-8-11, eff. 1-1-12)
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