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    Sec. 5-23. Inspections.


    Sec. 5-23. Inspections.
    (a) Prior to the issuance of any ambulance certificates hereunder, the director of health shall cause to be inspected the vehicles, equipment and premises designated in each application hereunder, and shall certify his approval in a written report to the city manager when he finds compliance with the standards prescribed in section 5-3(a) and in section 5-4 of this chapter, and with the regulations promulgated under such sections; provided, however, that under the terms of this chapter the director of health shall have no responsibility, and shall exercise no authority, in connection with laws and ordinances of general applicability which deal with motor vehicle inspection.
    (b) Subsequent to issuance of an ambulance certificate hereunder; the director of health shall cause to be inspected each such licensed vehicle, and its equipment and premises, whenever he deems such inspection to be necessary but in any event, not less frequently than twice each year, and he is required to reinspect each vehicle which has been repaired following an accident before it is placed back in service, and shall promptly report his findings in a written report to the city manager. The periodic inspection required hereunder shall be in addition to any other safety or motor vehicle inspection required to be made for ambulances or other motor vehicles, or other inspections required to be made, under general law or ordinances, and shall not excuse compliance with any requirement of law or ordinance to display any official certificate of motor vehicle inspection and approval nor excuse compliance with the requirements of any other applicable general law or ordinance.
    (c) A copy of each initial, semiannual or other ambulance, equipment and premises inspection report submitted by the director of health to the city manager under the provisions of this section shall be promptly transmitted to the holder of the certificate to whom it refers. (Code 1959, § 3.1-8)
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