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    Sec. 5-2. Exceptions.


    Sec. 5-2. Exceptions.
    No certificate or license shall be required for an ambulance or for the driver, attendant or attendant-driver of an ambulance which is:
    (a) Rendering assistance in the case of a major catastrophe or emergency with which the certificated ambulances of the city are insufficient or unable to cope; or
    (b) Is operated from a location or headquarters outside of the city in order to transport patients who are picked up beyond the city limits to locations within the city, but no such outside ambulance shall be used to pick up patients within the city for transportation to locations within the city unless the driver, attendant and attendant-driver and the person subject to the provisions of section 5-19 in respect of such ambulance, hold currently valid certificates and licenses issued pursuant to this chapter. (Code 1959, § 3.1-2(c))
    Last updated date: 10/23/2006 4:15:21 PM