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    Sec. 39-7. Maintenance Generally.


    Sec. 39-7. Maintenance generally.
    When the occupant of a lot or premises on which fixtures to supply water have been installed shall permit the water to run from these fixtures without proper care to prevent waste or shall fail to keep his water pipes or fixtures in good repair and protected from freezing, there shall, in each case, be a fine on such occupant of not less than five dollars ($5.00) nor more than twenty dollars ($20.00) and, in either case, the utilities division shall stop the water from the lot or premises and not turn it on again until arrangements satisfactory to the department of public works are made to ensure against future waste or damage. In cases where there are two (2) or more premises supplied by a single tap and the fixtures are accessible to all, a like penalty shall apply to each of the several occupants having access to the fixtures, unless one of the occupants assumes sole responsibility. (Code 1959, § 32-8)
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