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    Sec. 39-29. Turning Water on After Connection Made within City.


    Sec. 39-29. Turning water on after connection made within city.
    The provisions of this section apply to water accounts that were established prior to July 1, 2012. As used in this section the term water account or water service includes the city's fees for water service, sewer service and storm water maintenance fees that are added to the city’s combined water bill. Whenever any individual, commercial or industrial establishment desires the use of water on premises owned or leased by them within the city limits, where all connections have been made in accordance with the provisions of this chapter, they shall make application therefor to the utilities customer service office, accompanying each application with a fee of fifteen dollars ($15.00) for turning on and/or transferring the account. Multi-unit facilities will require the owner, landlord, or property management agent to make application to the billings and collections division-utility billing customer service office of the department of financial services to activate water at a service address. Whenever any person applying for water service shall have complied with this requirement and his water fixtures are in good condition, the utilities customer service office shall then cause the water to be turned on. (Code 1959, § 32-18; Ord. No. O-80-103, § 1(32-18), 4-22-80, eff. 8-22-80; Ord. No. O-84-141, § 1, 6-12-84, eff. 7-1-84; Ord. No. O-88-062, § 1, 3-22-88, eff. 7-1-88; Ord. No. O-90-093, 3-27-90, eff. 7-1-90; O-91-053, 3-26-91, eff. 7-1-91; Ord. No. O-92-071, 3-10-92; Ord. No. O-95-027, 2-14-95, eff. 7-1-95; Ord. No. O-03-111, 6-10-03; Ord. No. O-12-083, 6-26-12, eff. 7-1-12)
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