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    Sec. 39-10. Allowing Use by those Not Entitled Thereto.


    Sec. 39-10. Allowing use by those not entitled thereto.
    (a) Any occupant of premises, into which water has been introduced, who shall permit water to be used, taken or received by any person other than such occupant or members or visitors of his family, except as otherwise provided by this chapter, shall be deemed guilty of a class 3 misdemeanor; provided, that this shall not be construed so as to prevent any person who has contracted for water on his premises and whose fixtures are out of order from obtaining water from some other person, with the consent of the person from whom the water is obtained.
    (b) In case of the violation of the provisions of this section the department of public works may discontinue the service of water to the premises of the person permitting such use of water from his premises and such water service shall be restored only upon proper application by the person occupying such premises, in the manner provided by this chapter for application to use water on new premises. (Code 1959, § 32-10)
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