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    Sec. 38-8. Removal, Replanting, and Replacement.


    Sec. 38-8. Removal, replanting, and replacement.
    (a) If conditions prevent planting on treelawns, this requirement can be satisfied if any equivalent number of trees of an accepted species and size are planted on neighboring public or private property, so as to create a tree-lined street effect.
    (b) No person shall remove a tree from the treelawn for the purpose of construction, or for any other reason, without first filing an application and procuring a permit from the urban forester, and without replacing the removed tree or trees in accordance with the adopted arboricultural specifications. Such replacement shall meet the standards of size, species and placement as provided for in a permit issued by the urban forester. The person or property owner shall bear the cost of removal and replacement of all trees removed. (Code 1959, § 23.1-8; Ord. of 5-23-78; Ord. No.O-99-254, 11-23-99)
    Last updated date: 10/23/2006 4:15:21 PM