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    Sec. 38-2. Community Forest Plan.


    Sec. 38-2. Community forest plan.
    The urban forester is herewith charged to formulate and administer a community forest plan covering all trees and tree work within the municipal boundaries of the city. This plan shall list suitable species of trees to be planted on each of the streets or other public sites of the city. From and after the effective date of the community forest plan, or any amendment thereof, all planting shall conform thereto.
    (a) The urban forester shall consider all existing and future utility and environmental factors in the formulation of this plan in order to minimize any conflict between trees and utilities.
    (b) The urban forester shall have the authority to revise the community forest plan at any time circumstance dictates. An important tool in fulfilling the community forest plan and in managing overall supervision of all trees on city property shall be a computerized tree inventory system.
    (c) The community forest plan shall utilize ANSI A300 (the standard set by the National Standards Institute). Pending issuance of any topical segment of A300, the Manual of Arboricultural Specifications and Standards of Practice shall comprise the standards for tree work and tree care in the city. (See Sec. 38-23 below.) (Code 1959, § 23.1-2; Ord. of 5-23-78; Ord. No. O-81-106, § 1,5-26-81; Ord. No. O-99-254, 11-23-99)
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