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    Sec. 37-71. Procedure when Additional Taxicabs Required.


    Sec. 37-71. Procedure when additional taxicabs required.
    If the city manager shall determine, after investigation, although no application for any certificate may be pending, that public convenience and necessity requires the operation of additional taxicabs within the city, then the city manager may give such notice as he deems advisable that applications for additional certificates will be received, or he may, in his discretion, require the holders of outstanding certificates, or any one or more of them, to provide and operate additional taxicabs within the city. In the event that the holder of any such certificate shall refuse to do so, such refusal shall be grounds for the revocation or suspension of the certificate held by him. In the event of such revocation, the holder of any such certificate shall have the right of appeal to the city council to review the action of the city manager. (Tax Code 1959, § 31-48)
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