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    Sec. 37-55. Application Generally.


    Sec. 37-55. Application generally.
    An application for a certificate shall be filed in duplicate with the city manager and shall be verified under oath and shall furnish the following information.
    (a) The name, and address of the applicant and shall state that the applicant is at least twenty-one (21) y ears of age.
    (b) The trade name under which the applicant does or proposes to do business.
    (c) If the applicant is a corporation, the officers, directors and principal stockholders of the corporation.
    (d) The financial status of the applicant, including the amounts of all unpaid judgments against the applicant and the nature of the transaction or acts giving rise to such judgments.
    (e) The experience of the applicant in the transportation of passengers.
    (f) Any facts which the applicant believes tend to prove that public convenience and necessity require the granting of a certificate.
    (g) The number of vehicles desired to be operated by the applicant, the location of proposed depots and terminals, and the parking or garage facilities thereat.
    (h) The color scheme or insignia to be used to designate the vehicle or vehicles of the applicant.
    (i) Such further information required by the city manager and which may be relevant and pertinent to the matter of the issuance of a certificate.
    (j) In the event two (2) or more persons, not operating as a corporation or partnership and who own or propose to own individually one or more taxicabs, associate together for the purpose of operating taxicabs under one trade name, each such person shall file an application for a certificate with the city manager and shall, in addition to the information required above, give the names and addresses of the other person or persons who are associating together to operate under such trade name, and the number of cabs to be operated by each such person. (Tax Code 1959, § 31-37; Ord. No. O-96-136, 5-14-96)
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