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    Sec. 37-44. Refusal to Accept Calls or Passengers; Failure or Refusal to Give Overall Service.


    Sec. 37-44. Refusal to accept calls or passengers; failure or refusal to give overall service.
    The holder of a certificate who shall refuse to accept a call anywhere within the city or refuse to accept a passenger for delivery to any place within the city or within one mile of the city when such holder has available a taxicab or who shall fail or refuse to give overall service shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and the certificate granted to such holder shall be suspended or revoked at the discretion of the city manager subject to the provisions of sections 37-74 through 37-77, unless driver can articulate a reasonable concern for his/her personal safety or unless repeated incidences of a taxi having been previously called to that address which calls turned out to be false calls for a fare.  (Tax Code 1959, § 31-31; Ord. No. O-05-103, 8-9-05)
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