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    Sec. 37-16. Definitions.


    Sec. 37-16. Definitions.
    For the purposes of this article, the following words shall have the meanings respectively ascribed to them by this section:
    Certificate: A certificate of public convenience and necessity issued by the city council, under the provisions of this article, authorizing the holder thereof to conduct a taxicab business in the city.
    Driver: The person in control of or driving a taxicab.
    Holder: A person to whom a certificate of public convenience and necessity has been issued.
    Manifest: A daily record prepared by a taxicab driver of all trips made by such driver, showing time and place of origin, destination, number of passengers and the amount of fare of each trip.
    Owner: The purchaser of any vehicle under reserved title contracts as well as the actual owner.
    Taxicab: A motor vehicle or motorcar operated for hire, in charge of a chauffeur or driver, for the transportation of passengers, which does not operate over a fixed or definite route.
    Taximeter: A meter instrument or device attached to a taxicab which measures mechanically the distance driven and the waiting time upon which the fare is based. (Tax Code 1959, § 31-2; Ord. No. O-96-136, 5-14-96)
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