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    Sec. 36-188. Sales Tax.


    Sec. 36-188. Sales tax.
    There is hereby levied and imposed in addition to all other taxes and fees of every kind now imposed, a general retail sales tax at the rate of one per cent (1%) to provide revenue for the general fund. The rate of the tax shall be added to the rate of the state retail sales tax imposed by Chapter 8.1 of the Code of Virginia (or Virginia Retail Sales and Use Tax Act) and shall be subject to all the provisions of said chapter, and all amendments thereof, and the rules and regulations published with respect thereto, except that the applicable brackets of prices shall be as prescribed in Sections 58-441.50 and 58-441.51 of the Code of Virginia for the combined tax, and except that no discount under Section 58-441.25 of the Code of Virginia shall be allowed on the tax levied by this section.
    Provided, however, that for any business firm which is designated as a "qualified business firm" prior to July 1, 1995 pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 22, Title 59.1 of the Code of Virginia, 1950, as amended, (the Urban Enterprise Zone Act), shall be entitled to a refund of the local retail sales tax paid within the Lynchburg City limits for a period of five (5) years from the date it commences operation. (Tax Code 1941, § 135; Ord. of 4-26-66; Ord. No. O-84-171, § 1, 11-13-84, eff. 7-1-84; Ord. No. O-95-232; 8-8-95)
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