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    Sec. 36-137. Penalties.


    Sec. 36-137. Penalties.
    Any person who operates, parks or who allows the parking of any motor vehicle, trailer or semitrailer on any public street or public right-of-way, or on any privately owned street, mall or parking area that is open to the public or utilized for public use within the Lynchburg city limits without the payment of the required license fee shall be guilty of a class 4 misdemeanor and a violation may not be discharged by payment of the fine and no portion of the fine may be suspended or discharged except upon presentation of satisfactory evidence that the required license fee has been paid.  (Tax Code 1941, § 86; Ord. of 10-9-56; Ord. No. O-84-014, § 1, 1-24-84; Ord. No. O-90-236, 7-10-90; Ord. No. O-91-068, 4-9-91; Ord No. O-05-091, 7-12-05, eff. 1-1-06)
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