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    Sec. 36-135. Refunds.


    Sec. 36-135. Refunds.
    (a) Any person who has paid a current license fee who moves to another state and takes their vehicle with them or who disposes of the vehicle for which the license fee was paid and does not purchase another vehicle, may, upon furnishing to the city motor vehicle license officer proof by affidavit or otherwise, satisfactory to such officer, request a refund of the unused portion of the city license fee paid. Upon certification by the license officer that the vehicle has been moved to another state, or the vehicle for which the license fee was paid has been sold and properly transferred according to the provisions of state law, the director of the finance department shall refund to the applicant the following percentages of the total cost of the license fee paid.
    Period  Percentage
    January 1 – February 28 100%
    March 1 – March 31 92%
    April 1 – April 30 84%
    May 1 – May 31 76%
    June 1 – June 30 68%
    July 1 – July 31 60%
    August 1 – August 31 52%
    September 1–September 30 44%
    October 1 – October 31 36%
    November 1 – November 30 28%
    December 1 – December 31 20%


    Any person desiring a refund must apply for such refund prior to April 30 of the succeeding tax year. All refunds shall be paid out of current revenues and charged against current motor vehicle license funds.
    (b) Except as provided in this section, no other refund shall be made. (Tax Code 1941, § 85; Ord. of 11-10-70; Ord. of 2-14-78; Ord. No. O-96-198, 6-25-96; Ord No. O-05-091, 7-12-05, eff. 1-1-06)
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