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    Sec. 36-126.17. Young Men's Christian Associations.


    Sec. 36-126.17. Young men's christian associations.
    In order to encourage and promote community services within the city, beginning January 1, 1992, and for each calendar year thereafter, unless otherwise changed by city council, young men's christian associations and similar religious associations, including religious mission boards and associations, orphan or other asylums, reformatories, hospitals and nunneries, conducted not for profit but exclusively as charities (which shall include hospitals operated by nonstock corporations not organized or conducted for profit but which may charge persons able to pay in whole or in part for their care and treatment) shall be exempt from the payment of business license taxes imposed by this article. Each such organization that engages in business activities that would otherwise be taxable must still file the necessary forms with the commissioner of the revenue and obtain a no fee license from the city. (Ord. No. O- 96-319, 12-10-96, eff. 1-1-97)
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