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    Sec. 35.1-95. Maintenance.


    Sec. 35.1-95. Maintenance.
    (a) Tower owners shall at all times employ ordinary and reasonable care and shall install and maintain in use nothing less than commonly accepted methods and devices for preventing failures and accidents which are likely to cause damage, injuries, or nuisances to the public.
    (b) Tower owners shall install and maintain towers, telecommunications facilities, wires, cables, fixtures, and other equipment in substantial compliance with the requirements of the national electric safety code and all FCC, state, and local regulations, and in such manner that will not interfere with the use of other property.
    (c) All towers, telecommunications facilities, and antenna support structures shall at all times be kept and maintained in good condition, order, and repair so that the same shall not menace or endanger the life or property of any person.
    (d) All telecommunication facilities shall maintain compliance with current radio frequency emission standards of the FCC.
    (e) In the event the use of a tower is discontinued by the tower owner, or in the event a tower owner files notice to the FCC of its interest to cease operating the tower owner shall provide written notice to the city of its intent to discontinue use and the date when the use shall be discontinued. (Ord. No. O-97-246, 12-9-97)
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