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    Sec. 35.1-62. Mobile Home Parks.


    Sec. 35.1-62. Mobile home parks.
    (a) Individual mobile homes not meeting regular building code regulations, but meeting requirements contained in the American National Standards Institute for Mobile Homes—Body and Frame Design and Construction, Installation of Plumbing, Heating, and Electrical Systems, must be located in mobile home parks as regulated herein containing not less than five (5) mobile home lots.
    (b) Mobile home parks may be permitted in the R-C, R-1, R-2, R-3, and R-4 districts by conditional use permit if the following standards are met:
    (1) The site shall contain no less than ten (10) contiguous acres. (2) The site shall be served by public sewerage and water supply adequate for the proposed development, and provision shall be made on each site for the proper connection of each mobile home to city sewer and water supply lines. All utility lines shall be placed underground.
    (3) The site shall have access to at least one (1) collector street meeting the city's standards for cross-section and capacity. (4) The site shall be reasonably accessible to schools, shopping, employment, recreation areas, and police and fire protection.
    (5) The site shall not include conditions of soil, ground water level, drainage or topography which could cause hazards to property or the health or safety of the occupants.
    (6) Existing trees and shrubbery on the site shall be preserved to the greatest possible extent.
    (7) Street widths and layouts shall conform to the subdivision ordinance of the City of Lynchburg.
    (8) All mobile homes shall be located at least twenty-five (25) feet from any lot line and thirty (30) feet from any street right-of-way. The side and rear setbacks shall provide a buffer as specified in Section 35.1-25.1.11 of this ordinance where it is bounded by residential, commercial, or industrial development.
    (9) Parking shall be provided in an amount of two (2) spaces per mobile home unit. At least one (1) space shall be provided within each individual lot.
    (10) Maximum density shall be that prescribed for the district in which the park is located, except that no mobile home park shall exceed a density of eight (8) units per acre and mobile home parks in R-C districts may have a density of two and one-half (2 1/2) units per acre. No individual lot shall be less than four thousand (4,000) square feet for single-wide units and six thousand (6,000) square feet for double-wide units. Nor shall any lot have frontage of less than forty (40) feet on a paved access road at least twenty (20) feet in width leading to a public street. The minimum spacing between mobile homes shall be twenty (20) feet.
    (11) Lot coverage may not exceed thirty (30) per cent.
    (12) In mobile home parks containing more than twenty (20) units, usable recreation area totaling not less than ten (10) per cent of the total area of the park shall be provided.
    (13) Each mobile home lot shall be provided with an outdoor living and service area. Such area shall be improved as necessary to assure reasonable privacy and comfort. The minimum area shall not be less than three hundred (300) square feet with at least a dimension of fifteen (15) feet and shall include a concrete or other hard surfaced terrace as a patio not less than two hundred (200) feet in area adjacent to the area designated for the mobile home.
    (14) No existing mobile home park shall be extended except in accordance with these regulations.
    (c) Service buildings.
    (1) Such service buildings housing toilet and bathing facilities for men and women, with laundry facilities as are required by the plumbing code of the City of Lynchburg, Virginia, in Appendix (B) . Section B-5, pertaining to service buildings for mobile home and travel trailer parks shall be installed and maintained in all conditional use permit trailer-mobile home park special districts; and such parks shall comply with all sanitary and other requirements prescribed by law or regulation.
    (2) No more than one (1) utility building of one hundred (100) square feet or less shall be permitted for each trailer-mobile home lot.
    (d) Use permit required. In addition to the above provisions, a use permit shall be secured from city council for any such property to be used as a trailer-mobile home park. Should Council find that such use: (1) will not adversely affect the health or safety of persons residing or working in the neighborhood of the proposed use; (2) will not be detrimental to the public welfare or will not be injurious to property or improvements in the neighborhood; and (3) will be in accord with the land use plan of the City of Lynchburg, it shall issue such use permit, provided all other provisions of law and ordinance shall have been complied with. In granting any such use permit, the council shall designate such conditions in connection therewith as will, in its opinion, assure that the use will conform to the foregoing requirements and that it will continue to do so.
    (e) Approval of site development plan required. Any application for development within this special district shall require review of the site development plan by the planning commission and approval by the city council.
    Any petition for a trailer-mobile home park conditional use permit zoning district shall be submitted together with a preliminary site plan for the use of the same tract, so that both shall be considered simultaneously and, furthermore, so that approval of an application for conditional use permit classification shall be conditional upon approval of a site development plan.
    (f) Signs. Signs shall comply with the provisions of district regulations as required for R-C, R-1, R-2, R-3, and R-4 districts.  (Ord. No. O-06-070, 6-13-06)
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