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    Sec. 35.1-57. Heliports.


    Sec. 35.1-57. Heliports.
    Heliports may be permitted by conditional use permit within I-1 and I-2 districts if they meet the following requirements:
    (a) The heliport is an appropriate use of the land and will not unduly interfere with surrounding land uses.
    (b) The proposed site will meet the standards and requirements of federal and state agencies concerned.
    (c) Every land area used by heliports for take-off or landing shall be of a dustproof surface.
    (d) No area used by any aircraft under its own power shall be located within a distance of two hundred (200) feet from any property line; one thousand (1,000) feet from any public or private institution where airport operations could interfere with the work of the institution, including schools, hospitals, sanatoriums and churches; or one thousand (1,000) feet from any departure ends of the runway. Buildings, hangars, or other structures shall be at least two hundred (200) feet from any property line. No parking of vehicles shall be allowed within one hundred (100) feet of any property line.
    (e) The division of inspections shall refer the plans for the proposed facility to the federal aviation administration for the report of that agency as to the possible interference of flight operation relating to the proposed facility with those of other existing or programmed airports or heliports and shall certify that no such interference will exist.
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