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    Sec. 35.1-55. Convents and Monasteries.


    Sec. 35.1-55. Convents and monasteries.
    Convents and monasteries built within the City of Lynchburg shall meet the following standards:
    (a) That the bulk and ground-coverage regulations for the district are met.
    (b) That any operations conducted in combination with the convent or monastery, such as churches open to a substantial congregation outside of the convent or monastery, schools, workshops, or retail operations, shall meet the requirements of this ordinance with respect to density, size, required off-street parking, signs, and other aspects.
    (c) That any nuisance effects of such related operations as kitchens, laundries, power plants, workshops, or other similar activities be imperceptible at any point beyond the boundaries of the convent or monastery.
    (d) That any other conditions reflecting the particular character of the establishment and deemed necessary by the planning commission, such as off-street parking for visitors to the convent or monastery, shall be met.
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