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    Sec. 35.1-51. Automobile Service Stations.


    Sec. 35.1-51. Automobile service stations.
    Automobile service stations, permitted by conditional use permit in B-3, B-4, I-1 and I-2 districts, shall meet the following standards. These standards shall also be used as a guide in the review of site plans for automobile service stations in B-5 and I-3 districts.
    (a) When such use abuts a residential zone or institutional premises not recommended for commercial or industrial uses in the comprehensive plan and is not effectively screened by a natural terrain feature, the use shall be screened by a solid wall or a substantial, solid fence not less than five (5) feet and not more than eight (8) feet in height, together with a planting strip at least four (4) feet in width on the outside of such wall or fence, planted with shrubs or trees which are at least three (3) feet high at the time of planting and are a type that is normally considered to be good screening material. Visibility at intersections shall be as provided for in Section 35.5-3(J). Screening shall not be required on street frontage.
    (b) When such use occupies a corner lot, the ingress and egress driveways shall be located at least twenty (20) feet from the intersection of the front and side street lines of the lot and such driveways shall not exceed thirty (30) feet in width. Provided that in areas where no right-of-way has been designated, the street line shall be considered to be at least forty (40) feet from the center line of any abutting street or highway.
    (c) Gasoline pumps or other service appliances shall be located on the lot at least fifteen (15) feet behind the building line and canopies over gasoline pumps shall not extend nearer than twenty (20) feet to all the property lines. All service, storage or similar activities in connection with such use shall be conducted entirely within the building. There shall be at least twenty (20) feet between driveways on each street, and all driveways shall be perpendicular to the curb or street line.
    (d) Light automobile repair work may be done at an automobile service station; provided, that no major repairs, spray paint operations or body or fender repair is permitted.
    (e) Vehicles shall not be parked so as to overload the public right-of-way. No unlicensed vehicle or junked or wrecked vehicle will be permitted to be parked or stored on the premises, and no trucks, trailers or school buses will be permitted to remain parked or stored upon the premises unless being worked upon or being serviced by employees of the station.
    (f) There shall be no uncovered sheds, storage bins or similar facilities erected or permitted to remain on the premises.
    (g) Automobile rental agencies shall be permitted in automobile service stations when they are otherwise permitted in the district where the station is permitted. One (1) off-street parking space per automobile available for rent shall be provided in addition to other off-street parking requirements.
    (h) The minimum lot size for any automobile service station built under these regulations shall be twenty thousand (20,000) square feet.
    (i) Exterior lighting shall be of such type, height and location and have such shading as will prevent the light source from producing an excessive level of illumination. For purposes of this regulation, a source of light shall be deemed to include any transparent or translucent covering. No flashing, revolving or intermittent lighting shall be used. (Ord. No. O-78-352, 12-12-78)
    Last updated date: 10/23/2006 4:15:21 PM