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    Sec. 35.1-50. Arenas, Auditoriums and Stadiums.


    Sec. 35.1-50. Arenas, auditoriums and stadiums.
    Arenas, auditoriums and stadiums developed within the boundaries of the City of Lynchburg shall meet the following standards:
    (a) The principal vehicular access for such use shall not be located on a freeway or local street, but shall be located on an arterial or on a collector street within one-quarter (1/4) mile of a freeway or arterial highway.
    (b) Such use shall not draw vehicular traffic to and through local streets in nearby residential areas.
    (c) Such use shall not be located within two hundred (200) feet of a residential district. No racing of automobiles shall be permitted within one (1) mile of any residential district.
    (d) Adequate reservoir space at the vehicular entrance and sufficient vehicular entrances and exits shall be provided to prevent traffic congestion.
    (e) Vehicular entrances and exits for such use shall be provided separately and shall be located not less than one hundred (100) feet apart.
    (f) Due consideration shall be given to the proximity of bus and transit facilities to serve such use.
    (g) No building shall be located at a distance of less than one hundred (100) feet from any lot line.
    (h) Off-street parking and loading berth requirements:
    One (1) parking space per three (3) spectator seats.
    One (1) parking space per ten (10) square feet of additional places for spectators provided by the establishment.
    One (1) parking space per employee.
    Five (5) loading berths per main entrance.
    Five (5) loading berths for service vehicles.
    (i) No automobile parking space shall be located within any required setback area or within fifty (50) feet of any lot line.
    (j) The maximum developmental coverage shall not exceed fifty per cent (50%) of the lot. (Ord. No. O-89-201, 7-11-89)
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