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    Sec. 35.1-5. Classification of Districts.


    Sec. 35.1-5. Classification of districts.
    For the purpose of this ordinance the City of Lynchburg is hereby divided into twenty four (24) classes of districts as follows:
    1. "R-C" conservation district,
    2. "R-1" low density single-family residential district,
    3. "R-2" low-medium density single-family residential district,
    4. "R-3" medium density two-family residential district,
    5. "R-4" medium-high density multi-family residential district,
    6. "R-5" high density multi-family residential district,
    7. "B-1" limited business district,
    8. "B-2" local neighborhood business district,
    9. "B-3" community business district,
    10. "B-4" central business district,
    11. "B-5" general business district,
    12. "B-6" riverfront business district
    13. "I-1" restricted industrial district,
    14. "I-2" light industrial district,
    15. "I-3" heavy industrial district,
    16. "PUD" planned unit development district,
    17. "CCD" cluster commercial development district.
    18. "C" conditional zone or zone approval
    19. "CC" commercial corridor overlay district
    20. "SC" scenic corridor overlay district
    21. "AS" airport safety overlay district
    22. "HD" historic district,
    23. "FW" floodway district, "FF" floodway fringe district, and AFP approximated flood plain district
    24. "TND" traditional neighborhood development,
    (Ord. No. O-94-067, 4-12-94; Ord. No. O-94-312, 11-13-94; Ord. No. O-98-013, 2-10-98)
    Last updated date: 10/23/2006 4:15:21 PM