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    Sec. 35.1-43.27. Building Design and Sustainability.

    Sec. 35.1-43.27. Building design and sustainability.

    (a) Roofs
    Parapets shall conceal flat roofs and all rooftop equipment such as heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) units from street level view.
    (b) Entryways
    The building shall have clearly defined, highly visible entryways.
    (c) Building façade
    Building facades greater than 150 feet in length measured horizontally and visible from a public street, shall incorporate wall plane projections or recesses having a depth of at least three (3) feet to break up the expansiveness of the exterior. All recesses shall be properly lit to encourage a safe environment.
    (d) Outdoor vending areas.
    (e) Service areas incorporated into overall plan.
    Loading docks, truck parking, outside storage, cargo containers, trash collection, utility meters, HVAC equipment, trash collection, and other service functions shall be incorporated into the overall design and landscaping so that the visual and acoustical impacts of these functions screened from view of public / private streets and all adjacent properties (unless those adjacent uses are other loading areas, truck parking areas and storage areas) and no attention is attracted to the functions by the use of screening materials that are different from or inferior to the principal materials of the building and landscaping.
    (f) Buildings and sites shall be designed using crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED) strategies.
    (g) All parking areas in excess of that required by Section 35.1-25. Off street parking and loading shall implement practices that will allow twenty-five percent (25%) of the stormwater attributable to the parking area to infiltrate to the soil below. (Ord. No. O-09-102, 9-22-09)
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