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    Sec. 35.1-43.18. Flexible Space Development Application and Review.


    Sec. 35.1-43.18. Flexible space development application and review.
    (a) Preapplication conference. For any flexible space development greater than ten (10) acres or any development proposed to be built in phases, a preapplication conference is strongly recommended. This conference will be in the form of a meeting between the developer or his authorized agent and the staff of the planning division to discuss the proposed flexible space development. At the preapplication conference, the developer or his representative will be asked to provide information about:
    (1) The location of the various proposed uses, the types of buildings proposed to house them, and the acreage involved.
    (2) The general outlines of the interior roadway system and all existing rights-of-way and easements, whether public or private.
    (3) The general layout of buildings, parking lots, and loading areas, including g the proposed circulation systems for automobiles, trucks, bicycles, and pedestrians.
    (4) The overall drainage system, including stormwater management.
    (5) The proposed landscaping plan.
    (6) The proposed signage system.
    (7) The principal ties to the community at large with respect to transportation, water supply, and sewage service.
    (8) A general description of any amenities, including accessory uses, to be provided as part of the development.
    (b) Site plan review.
    The developer of a flexible space development shall follow the procedures outlined in Sec. 35.1-14, Site plan review. (Ord. No. O-04-117, 9-14-04)
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