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    Sec. 35.1-43.16. Permitted Uses in Flexible Space Developments.


    Sec. 35.1-43.16. Permitted uses in flexible space developments.
    All uses within a flexible space development are determined by the provisions of this section and the approved site plan of the project.
    (a) Permitted uses by right include any use that meets objective (3) of Section 35.1-40.1 (b), including, but not limited to, the manufacturing, assembly, distribution, repair, and servicing of:
    (1) Apparel and accessories
    (2) Artisan and craft work
    (3) Automobile and truck parts
    (4) Building and construction materials, supplies, and equipment
    (5) Carpentry and cabinet making shops
    (6) Computers, business machines, parts, and accessories
    (7) Contractors’ establishments, offices, and display rooms, but not equipment storage yards or plants, or rental equipment
    (8) Data switching and processing equipment and services
    (9) Electrical appliances, lighting, testing, transmission, and distribution equipment
    (10) Employment service or agency
    (11) Engineering, professional, research, and scientific instruments and equipment, photographic and optical goods, watches and clocks, parts and supplies
    (12) Fabric products and supplies
    (13) General hardware and hand tools
    (14) Home and office furnishings, fixtures, and equipment
    (15) Medical equipment, instruments, and supplies
    (16) Metal products and machinery, metal finishing
    (17) Musical instruments and parts
    (18) Office buildings with a minimum of 7,200 square feet each of gross floor area
    (19) Optical equipment
    (20) Packaging and paper products
    (21) Personal care products (e.g., cosmetics, toiletries)
    (22) Plastics
    (23) Printing, publishing, copying, and binding
    (24) Research, development, testing, medical, and dental laboratories
    (25) Signs and advertising displays
    (26) Sporting and athletic equipment, toys, and games
    (27) Static transformer stations, transmission lines, gas and water mains, conduits for the transmission of electric energy including telephone, telegraph, and noncommercial radio and television poles and appurtenances thereto
    (28) Telephone exchanges
    (b) Permitted accessory uses. The following uses are permitted when serving as an accessory use to one or more of the by-right uses listed in Sec. 53.1-40.3(a):
    (1) Banks, credit unions, and similar establishments
    (2) Bus and other transit stations
    (3) Convenience and service establishments, such as, but not limited to, barber shops, beauty parlors, convenience stores, drycleaning/laundry establishments, medical clinics, newsstands, and tailors. Automobile gas stations or other establishments with gas pumps are not permitted. Convenience and service establishments shall not exceed twenty (20) percent of the gross floor area of all buildings in the development
    (4) Daycare centers for employer-sponsored child day or adult day care intended to serve employees of businesses in the development
    (5) Depositories for the storage of office records, microfilm, computer tapes, or similar records
    (6) Janitorial or exterminating service
    (7) Mailing and shipping outlets intended to serve businesses and employees in the development
    (8) Motor freight terminals
    (9) Off-street parking garages and lots incidental to businesses in this development
    (10) Offices, general, directly related to primary use
    (11) Recreational facilities for employees of businesses in the development
    (12) Retail showrooms for products of the businesses in the development
    (13) Residential quarters for bona fide caretakers or watchmen and their families, when essential for the operation of the business
    (14) Restaurants and food service facilities
    (15) Security service office or station
    (16) Telecommunications towers and facilities, when collocated on existing structures as an accessory use (see Article XI. Telecommunications towers and facilities)
    (17) Warehouses and storage
    (c) Uses that may be allowed by conditional use permit:
    (1) Business incubator
    (2) Cluster commercial development
    (3) Hotels and motels intended to serve visitors to businesses in the development
    (4) Radio and television broadcasting stations, studios, or offices
    (5) Single uses that occupy more than fifty (50) percent of the gross square footage of all buildings in the development
    (6) Trade expositions
    (7) Trade or business school
    (8) Transmitting and receiving facilities and towers for cellular communications systems and similar communications systems in accordance with Article XI of this ordinance
    (d) Requirements for permitted and conditional uses.
    Before a building permit is issued or construction commenced on any use in a flexible space development, a site plan, in sufficient detail to show the operations and processes, shall be submitted and approved by the city planner and the technical review committee (TRC). (Ord. No. O-04-117, 9-14-04)
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