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    Sec. 35.1-43. Cluster Commercial Development (CCD).


    Sec. 35.1-43. Cluster commercial development (CCD).
    (a) Intent. These districts are intended to provide for flexibility in the planning of certain tracts of land, under single or multiple ownership, through the modification of certain lot, setback, and use restrictions. Developments under these regulations should provide for increased amenity, safety, and other public and private benefits, as well as reduced public and private costs. These districts are generally characterized by a unified or planned clustering of development served by a common parking area with a common means of ingress and egress. These developments should be designed to decrease traffic congestion and reduce distractions from such sources as signs and artificial lighting.
    (b) Prohibited uses. Within any business CCD district, no lot, building, or structure shall be used and no building shall be erected which is intended or designed to be used in whole or in part for any industrial or manufacturing purpose.
    (c) Uses permitted. Uses permitted by right in the R-3 through B-5 districts will be permitted according to any mixture of land and/or building uses as shown on approved site development plan and/or in accordance with regulations contained herein.
    (d) Permitted locations. Cluster commercial development districts may be established in accordance with the regulations of this section and Section 35.1-16 of this chapter in the following locations:
    (1) Areas which are consistent with the comprehensive plan of the City of Lynchburg.
    (2) Areas which are provided with public services certified to be adequate for the proposed development by the director of community planning and development of the City of Lynchburg.
    (e) Cluster commercial development application procedure. No development within this district shall be commenced until the submittal of a preliminary site plan to the planning commission for its recommendations and subsequently to city council for approval. However, final approval of the conditional use request will be contingent upon approval of the final site plan.
    Both the preliminary and final site plan shall be prepared and submitted in accordance with Section 35.1-14 of this chapter. Upon approval, a copy of said plan shall be recorded in the clerk's office of the circuit court for the City of Lynchburg in the same manner as plats of subdivisions are recorded.
    Before any permit shall be issued for the erection of a permanent building in a proposed cluster commercial development, and before any subdivision plat or any part thereof may be filed in the office of the clerk of the circuit court, the developer or his authorized agent shall apply for and secure approval of such cluster commercial development in accordance with the administrative review procedures provided for planned unit developments (Section 35.1-42.5, Section 35.1-42.6, Section 35.1-42.7 and Section 35.1-42.8).
    The division of inspections may issue a certificate of occupancy without the completion of the planting of trees, shrubbery, etc., as required by the site plan upon being furnished a bond or other security in an amount estimated by the division of inspections to be sufficient to cover the costs of such planting. Such bond or other security must be in a form approved by the city attorney. All required planting shall be completed during the next planting season.
    (f) Standards.
    (1) General standards. Minimum average lot area (square feet) 6,000
    Maximum coverage (all buildings) 75%
    Maximum floor area ratio 0.75
    (2) Height regulations. Building height regulations shall be the same as those in the B-1 district, Section 35.1-34.
    (3) Yard regulations. The requirements for yards shall generally be the same as those for the B-2 districts, Section 35.1-35. These requirements may be modified as approved for specific developments. (4) Area regulations. The area requirements shall generally be the same as those for the B-2 districts, Section 35.1-35.
    (g) Signs. Signs shall comply with the provisions of Section 35.1-26.
    (h) Parking requirements. Roads for interior vehicular circulation shall meet the requirements of the director of the department of public works. Off-street parking and loading spaces shall meet the requirements of Section 35.1-25 of this chapter. Required parking spaces shall be provided within the perimeter of the cluster commercial development and no further than five hundred (500) feet from the facilities to be served. Off-street parking and loading areas shall be screened from residential areas and shall be designed to produce the minimum possible interference with pedestrians circulation within the development.
    (i) Bonus provisions. For a cluster commercial development, there may be granted an increase in the permissible floor area ratio (F.A.R.) for additional landscaped areas. (Ord. No. O-78-352, 12-12-78; Ord. No. O-87-045, § 1, 3-10-87)
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