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    Sec. 35.1-42.7. Planned Unit Development Final Site Plan Procedure.


    Sec. 35.1-42.7. Planned Unit Development Final Site Plan Procedure.
    After receiving conditional approval from the Technical Review Committee on a preliminary site plan and tentative approval for all necessary permits subject to approval of the final site plan, the applicant may prepare his final detailed site plan and submit it to the Planning Division for final approval; except that if more than twelve (12) months have elapsed between the time of the Technical Review Committee's report on the preliminary site plan, and, if the Planning Division finds that conditions have changed significantly in the interim, the Planning Division may require a resubmission of the preliminary site plan for further review and possible revision prior to accepting the proposed final site plan for review.
    The final detailed site plan shall conform substantially to the preliminary site plan that has received preliminary site plan approval. It should incorporate any revisions or other features that may have been recommended by the Technical Review Committee at the preliminary review. All such compliances shall be clearly indicated by the applicant on the appropriate submission.
    (a) Action on the Final Detailed Site Plan Application. Within forty-five (45) days of the receipt of the application for final site plan approval, the Technical Review Committee shall render a decision to the applicant and so notify the City Council. If no decision is made within the forty-five- day period, the final site plan shall be considered approved.
    (1) Upon approving an application, the City Planner and the City Engineer shall endorse their approval on a copy of the final site plan and shall forward it to the Superintendent of Inspections who shall then issue a building permit to the applicant provided the project conforms to all other applicable requirements.
    (2) Upon disapproving an application, the City Planner shall so inform the Superintendent of Inspections. The City Planner shall also notify the applicant and City Council in writing of the Technical Review Committee's decision and its reasons for disapproval. A copy of the Committee's report may suffice for this notice.
    (b) Staging:
    (1) If the applicant wishes to stage his development and he has so indicated as per Section 35.1-42.5, he may submit only those stages he wishes to develop for site plan approval in accordance with his staging plan. Any plan which requires more than thirty-six (36) months to be completed shall be required to be staged, and a staging plan must be developed. At no point in the development of a planned unit development shall the ratio of nonresidential to residential acreage or the dwelling unit ratios between the several different housing types for that portion of the Planned Unit Development completed and/or under construction differ from that of the Planned Unit Development as a whole by more than twenty (20) percent.
    (2) If the building permit for the initial construction authorized by a conditional use permit granted for a Planned Unit Development under these regulations has not been applied for and so granted within twelve (12) months after final site plan approval, the conditional use permit shall become void unless the following appeal procedures are followed and approval obtained. Prior to the aforestated twelve- (12) month expiration, a six- (6) month extension may be applied for through the City Planning Commission. A second and final twelve- (12) month extension may be requested from City Council prior to the expiration of the six- (6) month administrative extension. After the initial building permit has been issued for construction, the developer may continue with construction of an approved project as long as he proceeds toward completion with reasonable care and diligence and is in accordance with the terms of the conditional use permit granted by City Council. (Ord. No. O-83-154, § 1, 7-12-83)
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