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    Sec. 35.1-42.6. Planned Unit Development Preliminary Site Plan Procedure.


    Sec. 35.1-42.6. Planned Unit Development Preliminary Site Plan Procedure.
    The conditional use permit for a Planned Unit Development shall be conditioned upon the following:
    (a) Securance of final site plan approval in accordance with the procedures set forth in Section 35.1-42.5.
    (b) Compliance with all additional conditions and requirements as may be set forth by City Council in its resolution granting the conditional use permit.
    (c) Application for preliminary site plan approval shall be made to the Planning Division and shall be accompanied by the following information prepared by a licensed engineer, architect and/or landscape architect:
    (1) [Area map.] An area map showing applicant's entire holding in the immediate vicinity; that portion of the applicant's property under consideration; and all properties, subdivisions, streets, and easements within five hundred (500) feet of applicant's property.
    (2) [Topographic map.] A topographic map showing contour intervals of not more than five (5) feet of elevation.
    (3) [Preliminary Site Plan.] A preliminary site plan (ten (10) copies) including the following information:
    a. Title of drawing, including name and address of applicant;
    b. North point, scale and date;
    c. Boundaries of the property plotted to scale;
    d. Existing watercourses;
    e. A site plan showing location, proposed use, and height of all buildings; location of all parking and truck-loading areas with ingress and egress drives thereto; location and proposed development of all open spaces including parks, playgrounds, and open reservations; location of outdoor storage, if any; location of all existing or proposed site improvements, including drains, culverts, detention ponds, retaining walls and fences; location and sizes of all sewer and water lines and connections; location and size of all signs; location and proposed development of buffer areas; location and design of lighting facilities; and the amount of building area proposed for nonresidential uses, if any.
    (4) [Preliminary Erosion and Sediment Control Plan.] A preliminary erosion and sediment control plan prepared according to the City of Lynchburg's Erosion and Sediment Control Ordinance including storm water calculations.
    (5) Factors for Consideration. The Planning Division shall refer to the Technical Review Committee for review of the preliminary site plan which shall include, but not be limited to, the following considerations:
    a. Adequacy and arrangement of vehicular traffic access and circulation including intersections, road widths, channelization structures and traffic controls;
    b. Adequacy and arrangement of pedestrian traffic access and circulation including separation of pedestrian from vehicular traffic, walkway structures, control of intersections with vehicular traffic and pedestrian convenience;
    c. Location, arrangement, appearance and sufficiency of off-street parking and loading;
    d. Location, arrangement, size and design of buildings, lighting, and signs;
    e. Relationship of the various uses to one another and their scale;
    f. Adequacy, type, and arrangement of trees, shrubs, and other landscaping constituting a visual and/or a noise deterring buffer between adjacent uses and adjoining lands;
    g. In the case of apartment houses or multiple dwellings, the adequacy of usable open space for playgrounds and informal recreation;
    h. Adequacy of storm water and sanitary sewer waste disposal facilities;
    i. Adequacy of structures, roadways and landscaping in areas with moderate-to-high susceptibility to flooding and ponding and/or erosion;
    j. Protection of adjacent properties against noise, glare, unsightliness, or other objectionable features;
    k. Adequacy of proposed tire protection measures;
    l. Conformance with other specific conditions imposed by City Council which may have been stated in the resolution granting the conditional use permit.
    In its review, the Technical Review Committee may consult with other officials, as well as with representatives of Federal and State agencies.
    The Technical Review Committee may also require such additional provisions and conditions that are necessary to comply with current City codes.
    (6) Action on Preliminary Site Plan Application. Within forty-five (45) days of the receipt of the application for preliminary site plan approval, the Technical Review Committee shall act on it. If no decision is made within said forty-five-day period, the preliminary site plan shall be conditionally approved. The Technical Review Committee action shall be in the form of a written report to the City Planner and the applicant stating whether or not the site plan is conditionally approved. A copy of the Committee's report shall b e forwarded to the Planning Commission and the City Council.
    The Technical Review Committee's statement may include recommendations as to desirable revisions to be incorporated in the final site plan of which conformance therewith shall be considered a condition of approval. Such recommendations, however, shall be limited to siting and dimensional details within general use areas; and shall not significantly alter the sketch plan as it was approved in the conditional use permit proceedings. If the preliminary site plan is disapproved, the Technical Review Committee's statement shall contain the reasons for such finding. In such a case, the Committee may recommend further study of the site plan and resubmission of the preliminary site plan to the Planning Division after it has been revised or redesigned.
    No modification of existing stream channels, filling of land with a moderate-to-high susceptibility to flooding, grading, or removal of vegetation in areas with moderate-to-high susceptibility to erosion, or excavation for and construction of site improvements, shall begin until the developer has received preliminary site plan approval. Failure to comply shall be deemed as a violation of the Zoning Ordinance; and, where necessary, final site plan approval may require the modification or removal of unapproved site improvements.
    (7) Request for Changes in Sketch Plan. If it becomes apparent during the development of the site plan that certain elements of the sketch plan, as approved by the City Council, are unfeasible and in need of significant modification, the applicant shall then present his solution to the Planning Division as his preliminary site plan in accordance with the above procedures. The Planning Division shall then determine whether or not the modified plan is still in keeping with the intent of the conditional use permit resolution. If a negative decision is reached, the site plan shall be considered disapproved. The developer may then, if he wishes, produce another site plan in conformance with the approved sketch plan. If an affirmative decision is reached, the Planning Division shall notify City Council stating all of the particulars of the matter and its reasons for feeling the project should be continued as modified. Preliminary site plan approval may then be given only with the consent of the City Council. Ord. No. O-83-154, § 1, 7-12-83)
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