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    Sec. 35.1-39. Restricted Industrial Districts (I-1).


    Sec. 35.1-39. Restricted industrial districts (I-1). 
    *Additional amendments possible to Ordinance #10-103, 9/14/10
    (a) Intent. Restricted industrial districts are intended to provide for industrial plants developed at moderate to low densities and with high standards of building and site design. These districts can be mapped in close proximity to residential areas and are particularly appropriate along regional highways, where they can serve to improve the attractiveness and amenity of these highways to the benefit of the traveler, the community and the individual plant owner.
    (1) In any industrial I district, as indicated on the official zoning map, no lot, building or structure shall be used, and no building or structure shall be erected which is intended or designed to be used, in whole or in part, for any use which is in conflict with any ordinance of the City of Lynchburg now existing or hereafter enacted. No use shall be allowed unless listed below as a use permitted by right, as a permitted accessory use or as a use permitted by conditional use permit, provided, however, that any such permitted use existing prior to December 13, 1988, may be enlarged or expanded, but not relocated, so long as it meets all other applicable requirements of this chapter. Any such use shall not be subject to any of the limitations or other regulations prescribed for non-conforming uses elsewhere provided in this chapter.
    (b) Special regulations. The following special regulations shall apply in restricted industrial districts (I-1) :
    (1) No use shall be permitted which produces noise, unshielded light, smell, dust or any other airborne nuisance which is perceptible beyond the property line of each zoning lot.
    (2) All manufacturing, processing, testing, storage and similar operations shall be contained completely within buildings or structures.
    (3) All building or structure sides which face a public street shall be of at least seventy (70) percent nonmetallic materials.
    (c) Prohibited uses. The following uses are specifically prohibited in restricted industrial districts:
    (1) Fuel storage yards.
    (2) Contractors storage yards.
    (3) Lumber yards.
    (4) Sawmills.
    (5) Stonework.
    (d) Uses permitted by right. The following uses shall be permitted by right in restricted industrial districts subject to the regulations of Section 35.1-14 of this ordinance:
    (1) Dwellings and agricultural uses existing at the time the land is zoned in this district.
    (2) Air conditioning, refrigerated equipment (manufacturing).
    (3) Apparel and accessories, hosiery and lingerie (manufacturing).
    (4) Automatic temperature controls (manufacturing).
    (5) Blankbooks, looseleaf binders and devices (manufacturing).
    (6) Blueprinting and photostating establishments.
    (7) Books, publishing and printing.
    (8) Business machines, typewriters, adding machines, calculators, card punching or counting equipment (manufacturing).
    (9) Camera and photographic equipment (manufacturing).
    (10) Canvas products (manufacturing).
    (11) Communication equipment (manufacturing).
    (12) Computer centers.
    (13) Computer (manufacturing).
    (14) Costume jewelry, costume novelties, buttons and miscellaneous notions (except precious metals) (manufacturing).
    (15) Cosmetics and toiletries (manufacturing).
    (16) Curtains and draperies (manufacturing).
    (17) Cutlery, hand tools and general hardware (manufacturing).
    (18) Data processing service.
    (19) Dental equipment and supplies (manufacturing).
    (20) Dental laboratory services.
    (21) Depositories for the storage of office records, microfilm or computer tapes.
    (22) Electrical appliance, components and instrument (manufacturing).
    (23) Electrical transmission and distribution equipment (manufacturing).
    (24) Electrical lighting and wiring equipment (manufacturing).
    (25) Electrical testing laboratories.
    (26) Engineering, laboratory and scientific and research instruments, equipment (manufacturing).
    (27) Envelope (manufacturing).
    (28) Government buildings used exclusively by the city, state or federal government for public service.
    (29) Greeting card (manufacturing).
    (30) Hats, caps and millinery (manufacturing)
    (31) Jewelry, silverware and flatware (manufacturing).
    (32) Lace goods (manufacturing).
    (33) Lithographing.
    (34) Medical equipment (manufacturing).
    (35) Medical instruments (manufacturing).
    (36) Musical instruments and parts (manufacturing).
    (37) Newspapers, publishing and printing.
    (38) Office, general, directly related to industrial activities.
    (39) Office building (with a minimum of twelve thousand (12,000) square feet of gross floor area.)
    (40) Office, computing and accounting machines (manufacturing).
    (41) Ophthalmic goods (manufacturing).
    (42) Optical instruments and lenses (manufacturing).
    (43) Orthopedic, prosthetic and surgical supplies (manufacturing).
    (44) Pharmaceutical (manufacturing).
    (45) Photoengraving.
    (46) Photographic equipment and supplies (manufacturing).
    (47) Printing and publishing.
    (48) Professional, scientific and controlling instruments; photographic and optical goods, watches and clocks, clockwork operated devices and parts (manufacturing).
    (49) Radio and television sets (manufacturing).
    (50) Research, development and testing laboratories.
    (51) Signs and advertising displays (manufacturing).
    (52) Silverware and plated ware (manufacturing).
    (53) Sporting goods (manufacturing).
    (54) Telecommunications towers and facilities (see Article XI. Telecommunications towers and facilities).
    (55) Telephone exchanges.
    (56) Toys and games (manufacturing).
    (57) Umbrellas, parasols and canes (manufacturing).
    (58) Flexible space developments as provided in Section 35.1-43.14.
    (59) Other uses determined by the city council to be of similar character to and compatible with the above uses.
    (e) Permitted accessory uses. The following uses shall be permitted as accessories to principal uses in the restricted industrial districts:
    (1) Residential quarters for bona fide caretakers or watchmen and their families.
    (2) Food service facilities expressly designed for the use of an establishment or group of establishments located in the district.
    (3) Recreational facilities for employees of establishments in the district.
    (4) Care centers for employer-sponsored child day care when located on the same property as the primary industrial use.
    (5) Retail stores, not including warehouse sales, planned and built as part of manufacturing or processing operation, dealing in the products produced in such operations, intended primarily for the exhibition and promotion of those products as well as their sale.
    (6) Warehouses and storage facilities, except as prohibited in Subsection 35.1-39(c) above; manufacturing uses, except as prohibited in Subsection 35.1-39(c) above, meeting other regulations of this section; wholesale establishments.
    (f) Uses permitted by conditional use permit. The following uses shall be permitted as conditional use permit in restricted industrial districts under the regulations of Section 35.1-15 and Article X of this ordinance:
    (1) Heliports, helistops and STOL-ports; provided, that such facilities meet all applicable federal, state and local regulations and are located at least one-half (1/2) mile from any residential district.
    (2) Commercial amusement (temporary)
    (3) Commercial recreation
    (4) Motels and hotels.
    (5) Restaurants (serving wholly within an enclosed building, with only incidental carry-out service.)
    (6) Public and community recreation facilities.
    (7) Arenas, auditoriums or stadiums.
    (g) Standards.
    (1) Height regulations. The height regulations shall be the same as those required for a business B-4 district, Section 35.1-37.
    (2) Yards. The yard requirements shall be the same as those of a business B-5 district, Section 35.1-38.
    (3) Area regulations. No tract of land less than two (2) acres shall be placed in this zoning category; however, tracts already zoned "I-1" may be extended in increments of any size.
    (h) Signs. (As provided in Sections 35.1-26 through 35.1-26.16)
    (i) Parking requirements.
    Off-street parking and loading as required and regulated by Section 35.1-25 of this ordinance.
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