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    Sec. 35.1-37. Central Business District (B-4).


     Sec. 35.1-37. Central business district (B-4).
    *Additional amendments possible to Ordinance #10-103, 9/14/10
    (a) Intent. This district is to provide for a wide range of commercial and other sales and service operations, serving the entire metropolitan area. This district is specifically aimed at the encouragement of limited multi-family residences, business and related activities of relatively high densities and with adequate services in the old central business district of Lynchburg.
    (b) Design review. In order to retain the architectural integrity of the riverfront/downtown area, the area included in the boundaries of the B-4 district shall be designated as a historic district advisory area. Such designation requires that any exterior alterations within the area, including demolitions, new construction, and exterior alterations to existing structures, shall be subject to review by the design review board for conformity with the commercial historic district design guidelines: downtown Lynchburg. The review shall be conducted as a public meeting with the opportunity for public comment including written notice to property owners within two hundred (200) feet of the subject property. While the recommendations resulting from the design review stipulated by this section are offered in only an advisory capacity, developers are encouraged to comply with such recommendations.
    The cost of such public meeting review shall include a fee for notification by first class mail to all required recipients at the standard postal rate as determined by the United States Postal Service for each written notice to be paid by the petitioner. The city planner or his designee shall make written affidavit that the required notifications have been mailed and shall file such affidavit with the papers of the case.
    (c) Prohibited uses. Within any business B-4 district, as indicated on the official zoning map, no lot, building or structure shall be used and no building shall be erected which is intended or designed to be used in whole or in part for any industrial or manufacturing purpose. No operations shall be carried on which create conditions of noise, odor, particulates or light detrimental to health, safety or the general welfare of the community.
    (d) Uses permitted by right. The following uses shall be permitted by right in the central business district under the regulations of Section 35.1-14 of the zoning ordinance:
    (1) Any use hereinbefore permitted by right in R-1, R-2, R-3, R-4 and R-5 districts and business B-1, B-2 and B-3 districts, except the following:
    a. Freestanding one- and two-family structures.
    b. Drive-in business where persons are served in automobile, such as refreshment stands, restaurants, food stores and the like.
    c. Hiring halls and other places of assembly for the registration for or the assignment of employment.
    (2) Assembly halls of any size.
    (3) Automobile parking garage, repair shop or parking lot, subject to approval by the city council as provided by other ordinances of the city.
    (4) Banks and other financial houses, including incidental drive-in service windows.
    (5) Churches and other places of worship.
    (6) Clubs, lodges and community centers organizations.
    (7) Government buildings used exclusively by the city, county, state or federal government for public purposes.
    (8) Halls or theaters for music, drama, lectures, or other civic or amateur presentations of the arts.
    (9) Hotels and motels.
    (10) Job printing.
    (11) Newspaper offices and printing.
    (12) Office buildings.
    (13) Public libraries, public museums and art galleries.
    (14) Repair or assembly of jewelry, dental goods, optical goods, millinery, clothing novelties, musical instruments or other items from previously prepared materials such as bone, cloth, cork, fibers, leather, paper, plastics, metals, stones, tobacco, wax, yarns or wood (except for sawmills or planing mills), provided that no conditions are created in which smoke, fumes, noise, odor, light or dust becomes detrimental to the health, safety or the general welfare of the community.
    (15) Restaurants.
    (16) Schools and colleges of all types that do not exceed a maximum enrollment of one hundred (100) students.
    (17) Static transformer stations, telephone exchanges, transmission lines, gas and water mains, conduits for the transmission of electric energy including telephone, telegraph, and noncommercial radio and television poles and towers, and appurtenances thereto, but not including service, storage, or maintenance yards, or offices.
    (18) Taxicab office.
    (19) Theaters of any size.
    (20) Other uses determined by the city council to be of similar character to and compatible with the above uses.
    (e) Permitted accessory uses. Uses, except signs, permitted as accessories to principal uses in the B-3 district shall be permitted as accessories in the B-4 district.
    (f) Uses permitted by conditional use permit. The following uses shall be permitted in central business districts (B-4) under the regulations of Section 35.1-15 and Article X of the zoning ordinance:
    (1) Arcades.
    (2) Commercial amusement (temporary).
    (3) Commercial recreation.
    (4) Dance halls.
    (5) Schools and colleges of all types exceeding a maximum enrollment of one hundred (100) students.
    (g) Standards for B-4, central business district. The following dimensional standards shall apply within business districts:
    (1) General standards. B-4
    Minimum average lot area per establishment (square feet) None required
    Minimum lot depth (feet) 0
    Minimum front yard (feet) 0
    Minimum rear yard (feet) 0
    Minimum side yard (feet)* 0
    (2) *Yards. None required, except that any side yard abutting a residential district shall be a minimum of twice the width required in that district. Such a side yard shall be screened in accordance with Section 35.1-23 of the zoning ordinance.
    (3) Height regulations. In any business B-4 district, a building may be erected to any height, provided that the height of that portion of the building in excess of two (2) times the width of the street on which it abuts shall be governed by the following regulations: For each foot such building or portion thereof is set back from any street, lot or required yard line, such building or portion thereof may be erected ten (10) feet in height, provided that no street shall for this purpose be considered to be less than forty (40) feet nor more than sixty (60) feet in width. If a building abuts on two (2) or more streets, that street which permits the greater height shall be used as the basis of measurement.
    (4) Area regulations. None required.
    (h) Signs. (As provided in Sections 35.1-26 through 35.1-26.16)
    (i) Parking requirements. In the central business district, the minimum off-street parking requirements shall not apply because of the impracticability of providing such parking on the basis of individual uses in highly congested areas. However, developers of new buildings will be strongly encouraged to provide parking up to the minimum requirements. (Ord. No. O-78-352, 12-12-78; Ord. No. O-81-134, § 1, 6-9-81; Ord. No. O-82-078, § 1, 5-11-82; Ord. No. O-87-210, § 1, 9-8-87; Ord. No. O-91-092, 5-14-91; Ord. No. O-92-258, 08-11-92; Ord. No. O-93-280, 10-13-93; Ord. No. O-94-069, 4-12-94; Ord. No. O-02-226, 12-10-02; Ord. No. O-04-074, 6-22-04; Ord. No. O-10-103, 9-14-10)
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