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    Sec. 35.1-28. Conservation District (R-C).


    Sec. 35.1-28. Conservation district (R-C).
    (a) Intent. This district is intended to provide for very low development densities in areas not served by city sewer and water supply systems, areas with soils unsuitable for development or areas which should be preserved in low densities for other aspects of the public welfare.
    (b) Uses permitted by right. The following uses will be permitted by right, subject to the regulations of the zoning ordinance:
    (1) Agriculture (general farming, dairy farming, livestock farming, forestry, horticulture and all uses commonly classed as agricultural). The raising of three (3) or more cattle, goats, horses or other farm animals, and/or five (5) or more poultry or game animals will be permitted on lots of ten (10) acres or more. Any structure for housing or feeding one (1) or more such animals must be at least two-hundred (200) feet from any street or lot line but shall not include any commercial poultry farm or hog farm, and provided further that livestock and poultry shall be kept within secure enclosures and shall not be allowed to roam at large.
    (2) One (1) single-family dwelling on each lot [ten (10) acres minimum].
    (3) Farm produce stands selling only products grown on the premises.
    (4) Telecommunication facilities (see Article XI. Telecommunications towers and facilities).
    (5) Truck gardens (commercial and noncommercial).
    (c) Uses prohibited. No subdivision development shall be permitted and no lot, building or structure shall be used and no building or structure shall be erected which is intended or designed to be used, in whole or in part, for any industrial, manufacturing, trade or commercial purposes except as provided in Section 35.1-27(e).
    (d) Permitted accessory uses. The following accessory uses will be permitted in conservation districts subject to the regulations of Section 35.1-24 of the zoning ordinance:
    (1) Home occupations, including any such occupation other than that of operating a beauty shop, barber shop, convalescent or nursing home, tourist home, massage or similar establishment offering services to the general public. Home occupations shall be carried on by a member of the family residing on the premises except that, in connection with the practice of a profession, one (1) person not residing in such dwelling unit may be employed. One (1) sign not exceeding one (1) square foot in area and fixed flat to the wall of the building shall be permitted for each street on which the lot abuts to identify the home occupation. No artificial lighting shall be used to illuminate the sign or exterior of the building, nor shall any display of products be made which will indicate from the exterior that the building is being used for any purpose other than that of a dwelling. No mechanical equipment shall be used except such as is customary for purely domestic or household purposes.
    (2) Garages for the use of occupants of the property for purposes incidental to the residential use of property owner.
    (3) Private recreational facilities.
    (4) Family day home, providing day care only to less than six (6) children during a twenty-four (24) hour period and meeting the requirements of Chapter 63.2-100 of the Code of Virginia.
    If after sending notification by registered or certified mail to the last known address of each property owner within two hundred (200) feet of the proposed facility and if no written objections are received from persons so notified within thirty (30) days of the mailing, the zoning administrator may administratively approve up to twelve (12) children in a family day home provided that all other requirements of the zoning ordinance and Chapter 63.2-100 of the Code of Virginia are met. Any person aggrieved by the administrative approval of a family day home may appeal the zoning administrator’s administrative approval to the board of zoning appeals. An appeal must be taken within thirty (30) days after the zoning administrator’s approval of the family day home. If the petitioner fails to comply with the applicable requirements of the zoning ordinance or the provisions of the state code concerning the operation of the family day home or if family day home is determined to constitute a nuisance the zoning administrator may revoke such administrative approval after notice and a hearing. If the petitioner is denied an administrative approval or if approval is revoked, the city council may approve the family day home as a conditional use as provided in Section 35.1-15 of the zoning ordinance.
    (5) Signs. (As provided in Sections 35.1-26 through 35.1-26.16)
    (e) Uses permitted by conditional use permit. The following uses shall be permitted by conditional use permit under the regulations of Section 35.1-15 and Article X of the zoning ordinance:
    (1) Airports.
    (2) Antique stores.
    (3) Boardinghouse or lodging house (keeping of not more than one (1) non-transient boarder or roomer
    by a resident family).
    (4) Care centers.
    (5) Cemeteries.
    (6) Churches and other places of worship.
    (7) Clubs and fraternal organizations.
    (8) Community swimming pools.
    (9) Convents and monasteries.
    (10) Gate houses, guest houses, caretakers' cottages and other residential accommodations for servants
    or guests of a resident family.
    (11) Group homes.
    (12) Hospitals and sanitoriums.
    (13) Individual mobile homes.
    (14) Kennels and other small animal raising and boarding.
    (15) Mobile home parks.
    (16) Museums and art galleries.
    (17) Nursing homes.
    (18) Offices and research and development organizations.
    (19) Planned unit developments.
    (20) Police and fire stations.
    (21) Public and community recreation facilities.
    (22) Public utilities.
    (23) Riding academies and stables.
    (24) Schools and colleges.
    (25) Shooting ranges.
    (26) Telecommunication towers (see Article XI, Telecommunication towers and facilities).
    (27) Temporary fairs and carnivals.
    (28) Tourist homes or bed and breakfast.
    (29) Traditional neighborhood developments.
    (30) Trailer parks, campgrounds.
    (f) Standards.
    (1) Minimum lot size. The minimum lot size shall be ten (10) acres.
    (2) Yards.
    a. Front yards. A minimum setback of fifty (50) feet shall be provided from all lot lines and street rights-of-way. Where no right-of-way has been designated, the right-of-way line shall be assumed to be twenty-five (25) feet from the center line of the street.
    b. Side yards. There shall be a side yard having a width of not less than fifty (50) feet on each side of the main building.
    c. Rear yards. There shall be a rear yard having a depth of not less than fifty (50) feet.
    (3) Area regulations. Each dwelling, together with its accessory buildings, hereafter erected shall be located on a lot having an area of not less than ten (10) acres with an average width of not less than one hundred fifty (150) feet at the required building line, street frontage at the street right-of-way line of not less than one hundred fifty (150) feet, and not less than five (5) acres per boarder; provided, however, that lots having less area or less width than herein required and of record at the time of the effective date of this section may be occupied by single-family dwellings only.
    (4) Building height. In addition to the required minimum setback of fifty (50) feet, building heights shall not exceed one (1) foot of height for each two (2) feet of distance from the lot or street right-of-way line. No portion of any property may be divided from the zoning lot in the future in such a way as to bring the property into nonconformance with this regulation.
    (5) Maximum ground coverage. The total ground area of all buildings and paved areas may not exceed ten (10) per cent of the area of the zoning lot.
    (6) Parking requirements. Off-street parking and loading space shall be provided as required in Section 35.1-25 of the zoning ordinance. (Ord. No. O-78-352, 12-12-78; Ord. No. O-89-201, § 1, 7-11-89; Ord. No. O-89-248, § 1, 9-12-89; Ord. No. O-90-049, 2-13-90; Ord. No. O-97-246, 12-9-97; Ord. No. O-98-157, 7-14-98; Ord. No. O-04-074, 6-22-04; Ord. No. O-04-161, 12-14-04)
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