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    Sec. 35.1-26.14. Sign Application and Permit.


    Sec. 35.1-26.14. Sign application and permit.
    (a) Sign permit: No sign or sign structure, banner or part thereof shall be erected, enlarged or altered by any person or organization until such person or organization has:
    (1) Submitted to the department of community planning and development a completed sign application including the size of surface area, size of sign structure, size of sign frame, size of sign face, size of sign box, size of sign base, height, copy, source of illumination, type of material, and location of said sign on any wall or property.
    (2) Met all sign application requirements and has obtained from the City of Lynchburg a sign permit specifying the size, height and location of such sign or sign structure.
    (3) All applicable permit fees have been paid to the city’s division of billings and collections.
    (b) Upon receipt of a completed sign application, the department of community planning and development will review the submitted information for compliance with Section 35.1-26 of the zoning ordinance. The department of community planning and development will mark on the sign application approved, approved with conditions or denied and make notification to the applicant within ten (10) working days of receipt of the completed sign application, unless the applicant has agreed to a longer period of time. Any conditions or reason for denial shall be attached to the sign application and returned to the applicant.
    (c) Permits issued for temporary commercial banners or inflatable items shall include the date of issue and the date of expiration. Said permit shall be securely fastened to the back side of the banner or inflatable item, except for banners attached to walls. When the banner is attached to a wall or other structure not easily accessible, said permit shall be kept with the owner or manager of the business and be presented to community planning and development staff upon request.
    (d) If a proposed sign or banner complies with the standards set forth in the zoning ordinance a sign permit shall be granted. The department of community planning and development shall not deny a permit for a sign based upon the content of the sign and the denial of a permit on such grounds is prohibited.
    (e) Appeals of a decision to deny a sign permit shall be taken to the board of zoning appeals in the same manner as provided in section 35.1-18 of the zoning ordinance and in the Code of Virginia. (Ord. No. O-04-074, 6-22-04)
    Last updated date: 10/23/2006 4:15:21 PM