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    Sec. 35.1-25.1.4. General Regulations.


    Sec. 35.1-25.1.4. General regulations.
    (a) Landscaping within a sight distance triangle shall not include any evergreen trees, and shall not include shrubs exceeding three (3) feet in height above the ground at maturity. Tree limbs within a site distance triangle shall be raised to ensure visibility for motor vehicle safety, but in no case shall tree limbs be raised more than sixteen (16) feet above the ground.
    (b) When a determination of the number of trees or shrubs results in a fraction, any fraction shall be rounded up to count as one (1) tree or shrub.
    (c) Existing vegetation within the development area and at least three (3) inches in caliper that meets the requirements of the landscaping ordinance may be preserved and may be used to meet all or part of the landscaping requirements.
    (d) Removal of healthy trees eighteen (18) inches or greater in caliper is discouraged. For each healthy tree eighteen (18) inches or greater in caliper that is retained within the development area a credit of twelve (12) trees shall be given towards meeting the requirements of the landscaping ordinance.
    (e) All landscaped areas shall be covered with an appropriate ground cover, mulch, or decorative landscape stone. Where mulch or decorative landscape stone is used, it shall be installed to a depth of not less than two (2) to three (3) inches. The use of gravel and/or riprap is prohibited.
    (f) All slopes shall be covered with an appropriate ground cover. The use of riprap for ground cover on any slope visible from a public or private street, or residential district is prohibited.
    (g) All retaining walls visible from any public or private street or residential district shall be constructed of segmental block, brick, treated wood, stone or stamped and colored concrete that gives the appearance of brick or stone. Retaining walls that consist of creosote materials are prohibited. Retaining walls of other materials are permitted provided that they are supplemented with landscape material as follows:
    (1) Retaining walls less than eight (8) feet in height, one (1) large evergreen shrub per three (3) linear feet of wall.
    (2) Retaining walls eight (8) feet in height or greater, one (1) large evergreen shrub per three (3) linear feet of wall and one (1) ornamental tree per twenty (20) linear feet of wall.
    (h) All trees used to satisfy the requirements of the landscaping ordinance shall be in accordance with the city’s master tree list. The city’s master tree list shall be maintained by the city’s urban forester. The city’s urban forester may approve the substitution of a different species of tree in circumstances of disease, drought, or overhead utility lines.
    (i) No tree, shrub and/or ground cover contained on the invasive alien plant species of Virginia list as maintained by the department of conservation of Virginia (DCR) and the Virginia native plant society may be planted or used to satisfy any portion of the landscaping ordinance.
    (j) Where the planting of trees that have a height at twenty (20) year maturity would interfere with overhead utility lines, the Urban Forester shall as part of the site development plan approval require the substitution of a tree with lesser maturity height or allow placement of trees in a manner that will not interfere with overhead utility lines, provided that the general intent and purpose of the landscaping ordinance is met.
    (k) All disturbed areas not used for operations, including slopes shall be landscaped at the rate of twenty (20) trees per acre. Required trees may be any combination of deciduous or evergreen and may be placed in creative groupings.
    (l) Parking garages are subject to the regulations of Section 35.1-25.1.9, foundation plantings only. (Ord. of 6-13-06, #O-06-070)
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