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    Sec. 35.1-14. Site Plan Review.


    Sec. 35.1-14. Site plan review.
    (a) Intent. Site plan review is intended to ensure proper design in types of development which can have deleterious effects on their surroundings. These effects are subject to modification or reduction through the physical design of such development. Review of the design, therefore, is aimed at the greatest possible benefit to the community as a result of building and site design.
    (b) Developments subject to site plan review. The following types of development shall be subject to the site plan review provisions of this ordinance, including petitions for a rezoning request or for a conditional use permit request:
    (1) All commercial and industrial facilities, including off-street parking;
    (2) All institutional facilities, such as schools, hospitals and clubs;
    (3) All residential developments, involving more than two (2) dwelling units in one (1) building or on one (1) lot;
    (4) Planned unit developments (see Section 35.1-42.1 et seq.);
    (5) Conditional use permits (as specified in this ordinance).
    (c) Site plan procedures and review:
    (1) Definitions:
    a. Schematic site plan. Plan to accompany all rezoning petitions with the exception of CCD and PUD requests.
    b. Preliminary site plan. Plan to accompany CCD requests; however, final CCD rezoning approval will be contingent upon approval of a final site plan.
    c. Final site plan. Plan required for final CCD rezoning approval and/or issuance of a building permit.
    (d) Plan requirements: The planning division will require an appropriate number of clearly legible copies for each of the following applicable site plans.
    (1) The schematic site plan shall include the following:
    a. Name and address of petitioner and owner;
    b. Name and location of development;
    c. Property lines by metes and bounds;
    d. Existing and proposed zoning;
    e. Type of proposed zoning;
    f. Owner, present use and existing zoning of all abutting property;
    g. Existing and proposed streets, easements, rights-of-way and other reservations;
    h. Ingress and egress points;
    i. Proposed parking areas, materials for same and number of spaces;
    j. Existing and proposed buildings;
    k. Date, scale of not less than one (1) inch equals one hundred (100) feet, and north point;
    l. Limits of established one hundred (100) year floodplain;
    m. Major natural features;
    n. Required setbacks and areas for landscaping and buffering;
    o. Location of existing water, storm and sanitary sewer lines.
    (2) The preliminary site plan shall include for review by the appropriate city department, in addition to the items specified for a schematic site plan, the following:
    a. Existing and proposed topography;
    b. Location of proposed water mains, fire hydrants, pipe sizes, grades and direction of flow;
    c. Generalized erosion control measures;
    d. Location of proposed utility lines, indicating where they already exist and whether they will be underground;
    e. Location of proposed storm and sanitary sewer systems, both surface and subsurface, snowing pipe sizes, grade flow and design loads;
    f. Vicinity map at a scale no smaller than one (1) inch equals six hundred (600) feet, showing all streets and property within one thousand (1,000) feet of the subject property;
    g. Existing and proposed curb lines and sidewalks;
    h. Location of proposed signs;
    i. Proposed location and materials for disposal of refuse and other solid waste;
    j. Recreation and/or open spaces;
    k. Name and address of person(s) preparing the site plan;
    l. Proposed buildings and structures to include:
    1. Distance between buildings;
    2. Number of stories;
    3. Area in square feet of each floor;
    4. Number of dwelling units or guestrooms;
    5. Structures above height regulations.
    m. Proposed location of outdoor lighting.
    n.  Landscaping plan as required by Section 35.1-25.1.5, Landscaping plan required.
    (3) The site plan shall be accompanied by a check payable to the City of Lynchburg in the amount set forth in the fee schedule adopted by city council.
    (4) The final site plan shall include, in addition to the items specified for a preliminary site plan, the following:
    a. Name and address of owners of record of all adjacent properties;
    b. Current zoning boundaries, including surrounding areas to a distance of three hundred (300) feet;
    c. Final erosion and sediment control plans;
    d. Location of watercourses, marshes, rock outcroppings, wooded areas and single trees with a diameter of ten (10) inches measured three (3) feet from the base of the trunk;
    e. Location of buildings existing on the tract to be developed and on adjacent tracts within a distance of one hundred (100) feet, indicating whether existing buildings on the tract are to be retained, modified or removed;
    f. Proposed streets and other ingress and egress facilities (indicating curb lines, sidewalk lines and public right-of-way lines). profiles and cross-sections of streets;
    g. Layout of off-street parking;
    h. Proposed location, direction of, power and time of use of outdoor lighting (not required of industrial development);
    i. Landscaping plan as required by Section 35.1-25.1.5, Landscaping plan required;
    j. Location, size and design of proposed signs;
    k. Elevations of buildings to be built or altered on site.
    (e) Administrative responsibility.
    (1) The city planner shall be responsible for checking the site plans for general completeness and compliance with adopted plans or such administrative requirements as may be established prior to routing copies thereof to the technical review committee. He shall see that all examination and review of the site plans are completed by the approving authorities.
    (2) The city planner shall approve or disapprove the site plans in accordance with the technical review committee's recommendations. He shall then return two (2) copies of the site plan, together with modifications, noting thereon any changes that will be required, to the applicant not later than thirty (30) days from the date of submission, except under abnormal circumstances.
    (f) Adjustment in approved site plan. After a site plan has been approved by the city planner, minor adjustments of the site plan, which comply with the spirit of this article and other provisions of this chapter with the intent of the technical review committee in their approval of site plans and with the general purpose of the comprehensive plan for development of the area, may be approved by the city planner with concurrence of the technical review committee. Minor adjustment from an approved site plan without the city planner's approval, or any major deviations, shall require the applicant to resubmit a new site plan for consideration.
    (g) Waiver. Any requirement of this section may be waived by the planning commission and/or its designee in a specific case where such requirement is found to be unreasonable or unnecessary for review of t he proposal and where such waiver will not be adverse to the purpose of this section.
    (h) Building and occupancy permits. No building permit shall be issued for a building in an area in which site plan review is required unless the construction proposed by such building permit is in conformance with the approved site plan. No occupancy permit shall be issued in such an area for a use which is not in conformance with the approved site plan.
    (i) Appeal. An appeal of any decision made by the city administration concerning site plan review procedure may be made to the planning commission. (Ord. No. O-78-352, 12-12-78; Ord. No. O-84-140, § 1, 6-12-84, eff. 7-1-84; Ord. No. O-88-098, § 1, 5-10-88, eff. 7-1-88; Ord. No. O-97-063, 4-22-97; Ord. No. O-98-124, 6-9-98; Ord. No. O-06-070, 6-13-06)
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