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    Sec. 35.1-11.9. Terms Beginning with "L."


    Sec. 35.1-11.9. Terms beginning with "L."
    Terms used in the zoning ordinance, when defined in this section, shall have the following meaning:
    (a) Land with minor improvements: A tract of land which:
    (1) Does not include any building or other structure.
    (2) Includes a building or other structure with a floor area of less than four hundred (400) square feet.
    (b) Large scale retail establishment: retail establishments having a cumulative gross floor area of seventy-five thousand (75,000) square feet or greater in floor area, whether such gross floor area is contained entirely within a freestanding building or is within two (2) or more buildings, whether located on a single lot or contiguous lots owned or operated as associated, integrated or cooperative business enterprises.
    (c) Local street: A public street not classified as a freeway, arterial or collector street under the definitions in this section.
    (d) Lodging house: See Section 35.1-11.3, Boardinghouse.
    (e) Lot:
    (1) A lot of record existing on the effective date of the zoning ordinance or any applicable subsequent amendment thereto.
    (2) A tract of land, either unsubdivided or consisting of two (2) or more contiguous lots of record, located within a single block which on the effective date of the zoning ordinance or any applicable amendment thereto was in single ownership or control.
    (3) A tract of land located within a single block, which at the time of filing for a building permit (or, if no building permit is required, at the time of filing for a certificate of occupancy), is designated by its owner or developers as a tract all of which is to be used, developed or built upon as a unit under single ownership or control.
    (4) A lot may be subdivided into two (2) or more lots, provided that all resulting lots and all buildings thereon which were constructed after the effective date of the zoning ordinance or any applicable subsequent amendment thereto shall comply with all the provisions of the zoning ordinance. In such case, the designation of such lots shall be made at the time of filing for a certificate of occupancy.
    (f) Lot area: The area of a lot; provided, that if that lot includes any part of the area of a street closed subsequent to the effective date of the zoning ordinance, not more than one-half (1/2) the area of such closed street shall be counted as lot area for purposes of determining the maximum floor area ratio or the required lot area per dwelling unit or lot area per room for such zoning lot.
    (g) Lot area per dwelling unit: That portion of the lot area required for each dwelling unit located on a zoning lot.
    (h) Lot, corner: Either a lot bounded entirely by streets or a lot in which the interior angle formed by the extensions of the street lines in the directions which they take at their intersections with lot lines other than street lines forms an angle of one hundred thirty-five (135) degrees or less. In the event that any street line is a curve at its point of intersection with a lot line other than a street line, the tangent to the curve at that point shall be considered the direction of the street line. Any portion of a corner lot whose nearest frontage is more than one hundred (100) feet from the point of intersection of the two (2) street lines or of the two (2) tangents shall be subject to the regulations for a through lot or for an interior lot, whichever is applicable.
    (i) Lot coverage: See Section 35.1-11.4, Coverage, lot.
    (j) Lot depth: See Section 35.1-11.5, Depth of lot.
    (k) Lot, interior: Any lot neither a corner lot nor a through lot.
    (l) Lot line: A boundary of a lot.
    (m) Lot line, front: A street line.
    (n) Lot line, rear: Any lot line, except a front lot line, which is parallel or within forty-five (45) degrees of being parallel to and does not intersect any street line bounding such lot.
    (o) Lot line, side: Any lot line which is not a front lot line or a rear lot line.
    (p) Lot of record: A lot which is part of a subdivision recorded in the office of the city clerk, or a lot or parcel described by metes and bounds, the description of which has been so recorded.
    (q) Lot, through: Any lot, not a corner lot, which adjoins two (2) street lines opposite to each other and parallel or within forty-five (45) degrees of being parallel to each other.
    (r) Lot width: The horizontal distance between the side lot lines of a zoning lot at the building line. (Ord. No. O-90-047, 2-13-90; Ord. No. O-09-101, 9-22-09)
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