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    Sec. 35.1-11.6. Terms Beginning with "E."


    Sec. 35.1-11.6. Terms beginning with "E."
    Terms used in the zoning ordinance, when defined in this section, shall have the following meaning:
    (a) Easement: A grant by a property owner of the use of a designated part of his land by another party for a specified purpose and for a specified time, which shall be included in the conveyance of land by such easement.
    (b) Encroachment lines: The lateral limits or line drawn along each side of and generally parallel to a watercourse or body of water, to preserve the flood carrying capacity of the stream or other body of water and its flood plain, and to assure attainment of the basic objective of improvement plans that may be considered or proposed. Their location along a stream should be such that the floodways between them will effectively carry and discharge a flood not less than the magnitude of the one hundred (100) year flood.
    (c) Enlargement, or to enlarge: An addition to the floor area of an existing building, an increase in the size of any other structure, or an increase in that portion of a tract of land occupied by an existing use.
    To "enlarge" is to make an enlargement.
    (d) Equal degree of encroachment: A standard applied in determining the location of encroachment lines so that the hydraulic capacity of flood plain lands on each side of a channel are reduced by an equal amount when calculating the increases in flood stages due to flood plain encroachments.
    (e) Extension, or to extend: An increase in the amount of existing floor area used for an existing use within an existing building.
    To "extend" is to make an extension. (Ord. No. O-90-047, 2-13-90)
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