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    Sec. 35.1-11.3. Terms Beginning with "B."


    Sec. 35.1-11.3. Terms beginning with "B".
    Terms used in the zoning ordinance, when defined in this section, shall have the following meaning:
    (a) Billboard or poster panel: Any exterior sign or advertising structure or portion thereof, including any sign painted directly on any exterior wall, roof, or part of a building or other object, displaying any information other than the name and occupation of the user of the premises or the nature of the business conducted thereon or the products sold, manufactured, processed or available thereon.
    (b) Block: An area of land bounded by streets providing access to such area.
    (c) Board of adjustments and appeals: That board created and regulated by Section 11-51 to Section 11-61 inclusive.
    (d) Board of historic and architectural review: That board created and regulated by Section 35.1-44.1.
    (e) Board of zoning appeals: That board created and regulated by Section 15.1-494 to Section 15.1-498 inclusive of the Code of Virginia.
    (f) Boardinghouse or lodging house: A residence where the owner resides in which, for compensation, lodging, or meals, or both, are furnished to transient or nontransient guests. A boardinghouse shall not be deemed a home occupation. Boardinghouses or lodging houses shall adhere to Section 35.1-51.1, Boardinghouses, lodging houses, or rooming houses, of the zoning ordinance.
    (g) Building: Any structure designed or intended for support, shelter, enclosure or protection of persons, animals, chattels or property.
    (h) Building accessory: A building subordinate to, and located on, the same zoning lot with a main building, the use of which is clearly incidental to that of the main building or to the principal use of the land, and which is not attached by any part of a common wall or a common roof to the main building.
    (i) Building group: A group of two (2) or more main buildings and any buildings accessory thereto occupying a single zoning lot.
    (j) Building, height of: The vertical distance measured from the level of approved street grade opposite the middle of the front of the building to the highest point of roof surface of a flat roof; to the deck line of a mansard floor; and to the mean height level between eaves and ridge of a gable, hip or gambrel roof; except that, if a building is located on a terrace, the height above the street grade may be increased by the height of the terrace. In the case of a building set back from the street line thirty-five (35) feet or more, the building height is measured from the average elevation of finished ground surface along the front of the building. On corner lots exceeding twenty thousand (20,000) square feet in area, the height of the building may be measured from either adjoining curb grade. For lots extending through from street to street, the height may be measured from either curb grade, provided that the maximum height permitted on the lower street extends back from such street not less than one hundred fifty (150) feet.
    (k) Building line: A line drawn parallel to a lot line at a distance therefrom equal to the depth of a required yard.
    (l) Building, main: The building in which is conducted the principal use of the zoning lot on which it is situated in any residential zone; any dwelling shall be deemed to be a main building on the zoning lot on which the same is located if the lot is used primarily for residential purposes.
    (m) Building permit: Authorization granted by the city for erection or alteration of structure.
    (n) Building, temporary: Any structure which is intended to be used or occupied for only a limited time or which is not permanently supported by a foundation.
    (o) Business district: A zoning district whose designation begins with the letter "B".
    (p) Business incubator: A facility that provides start-up or emerging businesses with space and shared office equipment, support and business development services, such as management and marketing assistance, for a limited period of time. A business incubator shall meet the following criteria:
    (1) It shall contain office uses, and/or light manufacturing, and/or distribution companies under one roof with a minimum of six (6) tenant spaces.
    (2) Companies housed in a business incubator shall either provide services or support to existing basic industries, or shall conduct light manufacturing or distribution businesses.
    (3) Display rooms for retail sales shall not exceed ten percent (10%) of the gross floor area of the tenant space.
    (4) A tenant shall not be allowed to occupy the facility for more than forty-eight (48) months. (Ord. No. O-90-047, 2-13-90; Ord. No. O-90-126, 5-8-90)
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