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    Sec. 35.1-11.2. Terms Beginning with A.


    Sec. 35.1-11.2. Terms beginning with "A."
    Terms used in the zoning ordinance, when defined in this section, shall have the following meaning:
    (a) Accessory use or accessory:
    (1) A use conducted on the same zoning lot as the principal use to which it is related (whether located within the same or an accessory building or other structure, or on an accessory use of land), except that, where specifically provided in the applicable regulations, accessory off-street parking or loading need not be located on the same zoning lot.
    (2) A use which is clearly incidental to, and customarily found in connection with, such principal use.
    (3) A use subordinate in area, floor area, intensity, extent and purpose to the principal use.
    (4) A use either in the same ownership as such principal use, or operated and maintained on the same zoning lot substantially for the benefit or convenience of the owners, occupants, employees, customers or visitors of the principal use.
    (5) When "accessory" is used in the text, it shall have the same meaning as "accessory use" (see Section 35.1-24).
    (b) Agriculture: Any use of land which involves the tilling of soil, the growing of crops or plant growth of any kind, or the raising of livestock or poultry for profit. "For profit" means in excess of what a family would normally grow or raise for its own use or consumption, and shall include the processing and retail sale, in a farm produce stand, or otherwise on the premises, of the products of only the farm on which such processing is conducted.
    (c) Airport or air landing field: Any area of land or water designated and set aside for the landing or taking-off of aircraft, the discharge or receiving of cargoes and/or passengers, or the repair, fueling or storage of aircraft.
    (d) Amend or amendment: Any repeal, modification or addition to a regulation; any new regulation; any change in the numbers, shape, boundary, or area of a district or any repeal or abolition of any map, part thereof, or addition thereto.
    (e) Apartment: A room or suite of two (2) or more rooms, which is designed or intended for occupancy by, or which is occupied by, one (1) family doing its cooking therein.
    (f) Apartment house: See section 35.1-11.5, Dwelling, multi-family.
    (g) Arterial or arterial street: A public street currently classified as an arterial or programmed for improvement to arterial status in the most recently approved city major thoroughfare plan.
    (h)  Automobile graveyard:  Any lot or place which is exposed to the weather and upon which more than five motor vehicles of any kind that are incapable of being operated and which it would not be economically practical to make operative, are placed, located or found.  The movement or rearrangement of vehicles within an existing lot or facility does not render this definition inapplicable.  The provisions established by this definition shall begin with the first day that the vehicle is placed on the subject property.
    (i) Automobile service station: A building, lot, or both, in or upon which gasoline, oil, grease, batteries, tires and automobile accessories may be supplied and dispensed at retail, and where, in addition, the following services may be rendered and sales made, and no other:
    (1) Sales and servicing of spark plugs, batteries, and distributors and distributor parts.
    (2) Tire servicing and repair, but not recapping or regrooving.
    (3) Replacement of mufflers and tail pipes, water hoses, fan belts, brake fluid, light bulbs, fuses, floor mats, windshield wipers and wiper blades, grease retainers, wheel bearings, mirrors and the like.
    (4) Radiator cleaning and flushing.
    (5) Washing and polishing, and sale of automotive washing and polishing materials.
    (6) Greasing and lubrication.
    (7) Providing and repairing fuel pumps, oil pumps and lines.
    (8) Minor servicing and repair of carburetors.
    (9) Emergency wiring repairs.
    (10) Adjusting and repairing brakes.
    (11) Minor motor adjustments not involving removal of the head or crankcase or racing the motor.
    (12) Sales of cold drinks, packaged foods, tobacco and similar convenience goods for filling station customers as accessory and incidental to principal operation.
    (13) Provision of road maps and other informational material to customers; provision of restroom facilities.
    (14) Virginia state inspection station.
    Uses permissible at an automobile service station do not include major mechanical and body work, straightening of body parts, painting, welding, storage of automobiles not in operating condition or other work involving noise, glare, fumes, smoke or other characteristics to an extent greater than normally found in service stations. (Ord. No. O-90-047, 2-13-90; Ord. No. O-05-108, 9-13-05)
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