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    Sec. 35.1-11.12. Terms Beginning with "S."


    Sec. 35.1-11.12. Terms beginning with "S."
    Terms used in the zoning ordinance, when defined in this section, shall have the following meaning:
    (a) Sanatorium or sanitarium: An institution for the treatment and care of the chronically ill or for patients requiring long-term therapy, rest and recuperation. Examples are institutions primarily for the treatment and care of mentally handicapped and mental patients, epileptics, alcoholics or drug addicts. (See also Section 35.1-11.8, Hospitals, Section 35.1-11.10, Nursing homes, and Section 35.1-11.10, Medical clinic).
    (b) Sanitary or solid waste management facility: Any facility or zoning lot used for: (i) the disposal of solid waste materials by abandonment, discarding, dumping, reduction, burial, incineration or any other means, including accessory uses such as recycling, cogeneration, and methane recovery, or (ii) a transfer station for solid waste storage or collection at which solid waste is transferred from collection vehicles to haulage vehicles, including but not limited to trucks, trains, and tandem trailers, for transportation to a central solid waste management facility for disposal or resource recovery. This definition does not include transportable waste receptacles of commercial solid waste generated by establishments engaged in business operations other than manufacturing. This category includes, but is not limited to, solid waste resulting from the operation of stores, markets, office buildings, restaurants, shopping centers, motels, hotels, multiple residences, picnic grounds and day-use recreation areas. This definition also does not include recycling bins, which are defined in Section 35.1-11.11.
    (c) Sanitary or solid waste management facility, private: A sanitary or solid waste management facility that is not a public sanitary or solid waste management facility, and which is owned and operated by a private entity for the purpose of handling solid waste generated only by such private entity.
    (d) Sanitary or solid waste management facility, public: A sanitary or solid waste management facility owned or operated by or on behalf of the City of Lynchburg or a regional solid waste management authority of which the City of Lynchburg is a member.
    (e) School: An institution, including kindergartens providing full-time day instruction and a course of study which meets the requirements of the laws of the State of Virginia.
    (f) Service station: See Section 35.1-11.2, Automobile service station.
    (g) Setback: See Section 35.1-11.13, Yard.
    (h) Sign: (As defined in Sections 35.1-26 through 35.1-26.16).
    (i) Site plan review: See Section 35.1-14.
    (j) Solid waste: Any discarded material, including, but not limited to, garbage, trash, refuse, junk, debris, leaves, brush, land clearing debris, demolition materials, ash, sludge, spoil, used or waste oil, and machinery or vehicles or parts thereof.
    (k) Stable, riding: See Section 35.1-11.11, Riding stable.
    (l) Standard project flood limit (SPFL): That portion of land inside the floodplain that would be required to carry forty (40) per cent to sixty (60) per cent of the maximum probable flood, and normally could be expected to occur at a five hundred (500) year frequency.
    (m) Story: That part of a building between the surface of a floor (whether or not counted for purposes of computing floor area ratio) and the ceiling immediately above. However, a cellar is not a story.
    (n) Street: A street, highway, avenue, lane, marginal access street, service drive, alley, bridge, viaduct, or any segment thereof, lying within a public right-of-way at least twenty (20) feet in width.
    (o) Street, center line of: A line established as a center line of a street by any state, city or other official agency or governing body having jurisdiction thereof and shown as such on an officially adopted or legally recorded map. If there is no official center line of a street, the center line shall be a line lying midway between the street or right-of-way lines thereof. Where street lines are indeterminate and a pavement or a traveled way exists, the center line shall be established by the department of public works or, in the absence of a determination by the department of public works, shall be assumed to be a line midway between the edges of such pavement or traveled way.
    (p) Street line: A line defining the edge of a street right-of-way and separating the street from abutting property or lots. If, on the master plan of streets and highways duly adopted by the city, a street is scheduled for future widening, the proposed right-of-way line shown on the master plan shall be the street line.
    (q) Street width: The distance between street lines, measured at right angles to the center line of the street.
    (r) Structure: Anything constructed, set, placed or erected on the ground or attached to the ground including, but not limited to, buildings, factories, sheds, cabins, mobile homes and other similar items which shall be anchored and floodproofed within the flood plain.
    (s) Subdivision: The division of any tract or parcel of land, including frontage along an existing street or highway, into two (2) or more zoning lots; or any improvement of land by two (2) or more principal buildings for the purpose, whether immediate or future, of building development for rental, lease or sale, which may include changes in street or lot lines; provided, however, that this definition of a subdivision shall not include the divisions of land into ten (10) acres or more for agricultural uses.
    (t) Substantial improvement:
    (1) Any repair, reconstruction or improvement of a structure, the cost of which equals or exceeds fifty (50) per cent of the market value of the structure either:
    a. before the improvement or repair is started; or
    b. if the structure has been damaged, and is being restored, before the damage occurred.
    For the purposes of this definition "substantial improvement" is considered to occur when the first alteration of any wall, ceiling, floor or other structural part of the building commences, whether or not that alteration affects the external dimensions of the structure. The term does not, however, include either:
    a. any project for improvement of a structure to comply with existing state or local health, sanitary, or safety code specifications which are solely necessary to assure safe living conditions; or
    b. any alteration of a structure listed on the national register of historic places or a state inventory of historic places.
    (2) The repair, reconstruction or improvement of the streets, utilities and pads in a mobile home park or mobile home subdivision which equals or exceeds fifty (50) per cent of the value of the streets, utilities and pads before the repair, reconstruction or improvement has commenced.
    (u) Swimming pool, commercial: A swimming pool and/or wading pool, including buildings necessary or incidental thereto, open to the general public and operated for profit.
    (v) Swimming pool, community: A swimming pool and/or wading pool, including buildings necessary or incidental thereto, operated by members of more than two (2) families for the benefit of such group and not open to the general public, whether incorporated or unincorporated, whether organized as a club or cooperative or association, providing that it is not organized for profit and that the right to use said pool is restricted to such families and their guests. A swimming pool and/or wading pool operated as part of a multiple dwelling is also a community swimming pool, providing that it is not operated for profit, and that the right to use said pool is restricted to tenants of the multiple dwelling and their guests.
    (w) Swimming pool, private: See Section 35.1-11.11, Private recreational facilities. (Ord. No. O-90-047, 2-13-90; Ord. No. O-92-142, 5-12-92; Ord. No. O-04-074, 6-22-04)
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