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    Sec. 35.1-11.11. Terms Beginning with "P" through "R."


    Sec. 35.1-11.11. Terms beginning with "P" through "R."
    Terms used in this zoning ordinance, when defined in this section, shall have the following meaning:
    (a) Parking area, off-street: An off-street area containing one (1) or more parking spaces, with passageways and driveways appurtenant thereto. In general, there shall be an average of at least three hundred (300) square feet of parking area per parking space and the required number of usable parking spaces.
    (b) Parking garages: A building occupied by a public, community, commercial or private establishment providing space for the temporary storage of six (6) or more automobiles and other vehicles, where service or repair facilities are not permitted. A parking garage shall not be considered an accessory use, nor shall it be used for the storage of dismantled or wrecked motor vehicles, parts thereof, or junk, nor shall the sale of automobiles or trailers take place within it unless otherwise permitted by the zoning ordinance.
    (c) Parking lot: An open lot serving the functions defined above for a parking garage.
    (d) Parking space: An off-street space available for the parking of one (1) motor vehicle on a transient basis and having a minimum width of nine (9) feet and an area of not less than one hundred sixty-two (162)
    square feet, exclusive of passageways and driveways appurtenant thereto and having direct usable access to the street.
    (e) Pedestrian facility: A sidewalk, walking path, bike path or transit / shuttle stop.
    (f) Planned unit development: A multiple-unit residential development of at least five (5) acres laid out in accordance with a preconceived site plan and in harmony with provisions and procedures for the "PUD", planned unit development zoning district.
    (g) Preservation: Any activity designed to prevent deterioration or destruction of a structure, a group of structures, or an area or a district.
    (h) Private recreational facilities: A facility such as a swimming pool, tennis court or basketball court which is an accessory use located on a residential lot, the use of which is restricted to the occupants of the principal use and guests for whom no admission or membership fees are charged.
    (i) Programmed: For the purposes of the zoning ordinance, the word "programmed" shall refer to a public facility which has been formally scheduled for construction within the following ten (10) years. Such formal scheduling may be in terms of an approved capital improvements program, an officially adopted thoroughfare, public utilities or community facilities plan specifying the approximate date of construction of the facility, or a similar official plan or program.
    (j) Public: Any land, structure or building owned, used or maintained by the city government, or a regional authority of which the city is a member, or their agencies.
    (k) Public utility: A public utility is an activity, or a building housing such an activity, which operates to serve the community as a whole, or a portion of the community, and which is publicly run or subject to special government controls.
    (l) Reach: Longitudinal segments of a river or stream, which will be affected by the placement of an obstruction in a floodway or floodway fringe.
    (m) Recreational vehicle: A vehicle which is:
    (1) built on a single chassis;
    (2) four hundred (400) square feet or less when measured at the largest horizontal projection;
    (3) designed to be self-propelled or permanently towable by a light duty truck; and
    (4) designed primarily not for use as a permanent dwelling but as a temporary living quarters for recreational camping, travel or seasonal use.
    (n) Reconstruction: Any activity designed to rebuild entirely, or partially, a structure.
    (o) Recycling bins: Recycling bin operations shall be located in industrial or business districts in an area no larger than five thousand (5,000) square feet or at public school or public recreation sites for the collection of recyclable materials. The operation of the recycling bins and the materials allowed to be collected, shall be under the supervision of the director of public works, and the location of the recycling bins shall be approved by the director of community planning and development. The definition does not include recycling containers which are used on site by a private entity for the purpose of storing recyclable waste materials generated only by such private entity.
    (p) Rehabilitation: Any activity designed to place a structure into a usable condition with or without architectural change.
    (q) Regulatory flood protection level: That level delineated by the one hundred (100) year flood.
    (r) Renovation: Any activity relating to the updating and/or the modernization of an older structure involving architectural change.
    (s) Residence or residential: A building or part of a building containing dwelling units or rooming units, including single-family or two-family houses, multiple dwellings, boarding or rooming houses or apartment hotels. Residences do not include the following:
    (1) Such transient accommodations as transient hotels, motels, tourist cabins or trailer courts.
    (2) Dormitories, fraternity or sorority houses, monasteries or convents.
    (3) In a mixed building, that part of the building used for any nonresidential uses, except accessory to residential uses.
    "Residential" means pertaining to a residence.
    (t) Residential district: Any district whose designation begins with the letter "R".
    (u) Residence, single-family: A building containing only one (1) dwelling unit.
    (v) Restoration: Any activity designed to impart a major flavor of an earlier state of a building.
    (w) Riding stable: Any zoning lot used or designed for the boarding, breeding or care of horses or ponies, other than for farming or agricultural purposes, either with or without instruction in riding.
    (x) Rooming house: A dwelling consisting of one (1) single building in which, for compensation, lodging or meals, or both, are furnished to transient or nontransient guests. A rooming house shall not be deemed a home occupation. Rooming houses shall adhere to Section 35.1-51.1, Boardinghouses, lodging houses, or rooming houses, of the zoning ordinance. (Ord. No. O-90-047, 2-13-90; Ord. No. O-92-142, 5-12-92; Ord. No. O-92-365, 12-8-92; Ord. No. O-09-099, 9-9-09; Ord. No. O-13-034, 3-12-13)