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    Sec. 35.1-11.10. Terms Beginning with "M" through "O."


    Sec. 35.1-11.10. Terms beginning with "M" through "O."
    Terms used in the zoning ordinance, when defined in this section, shall have the following meaning:
    (a) Manufactured home: A structure, transportable in one (1) or more sections, which is built on a permanent chassis and is designed for use with or without a permanent foundation when connected to the required utilities. For flood plain management purposes the term "manufactured home" also includes park trailers, travel trailers and other similar vehicles placed on a site for greater than one hundred eighty (180) consecutive days. For insurance purposes the term "manufactured home" does not include park trailers, travel trailers, and other similar vehicles. (See also Mobile home or trailer court).
    (b) Manufactured home park or subdivision: A parcel (or contiguous parcels) of land divided into two (2) or more manufactured home lots for rent or sale.
    (c) Medical or dental clinics: Any building or group of buildings occupied by two (2) or more medical or dental practitioners for the purpose of providing health services to people on an out-patient basis. (See also Nursing homes, Section 35.1-11.8, Hospitals, and Section 35.1-11.12, Sanatorium).
    (d) Medical practitioner: A licensed physician, dentist, osteopath, chiropractor, chiropodist (podiatrist). psychologist or optometrist (but not optician).
    (e) Metes and bounds: The specific boundaries of an area as measured between geographical points.
    (f) Minor map amendment: A change in the official zoning map which is not included in the definition of comprehensive zoning map amendment.
    (g) Mobile home: A structure or vehicle with the following characteristics:
    (1) It is used, designed for use or capable of being used as living quarters and contains sleeping accommodations, a flush toilet, a tub or shower bath, kitchen facilities.
    (2) It is transportable in one (1) or more sections, eight (8) body feet or more in width and is thirty-two (32) body feet or more in length, and which is built on a permanent chassis, and designed to be used with or without permanent foundation, when connected to the required utilities, and includes the plumbing, heating, air-conditioning and electrical systems contained therein.
    A recreational vehicle or a trailer is not a mobile home. (See also Manufactured home and Section 35.1-11.13, Trailer).
    (h) Mobile home or trailer court: Any lot, parcel or tract of land, together with open spaces required by the zoning ordinance, used, designed, maintained or held out to accommodate one (1) or more mobile homes or trailers, including all buildings, structures, tents, vehicles, accessories or appurtenances used or intended as equipment of such mobile home or trailer court, whether or not a charge is made for use of the court and/or its facilities. A mobile home or trailer court does not include automobile mobile home, or trailer sales lots, on which unoccupied mobile homes or trailers are parked for inspection and sale. A mobile home court provides for the permanent or long-term location of mobile homes. A trailer court provides for the transient, short-term location of travel trailers. (See also Manufactured home park or subdivision).
    (i) Motel or tourist cabin: A building or group of buildings containing ten (10) or more guest rooms or suites designed or intended to be used, let or hired out which:
    (1) Contain living or sleeping accommodations used primarily for transient occupancy.
    (2) Have individual entrances from outside the building to serve each such living or sleeping unit.
    (j) New construction: For flood plain management purposes, "new construction" means structures for which the "start of construction" commenced on or after the effective date of a flood plain management regulation adopted by the city.
    (k) Nonconforming: Any lawful use, whether of a building or other structure or of a tract of land, which does not conform to the applicable use regulations of the district in which it is located, either on the effective date of the zoning ordinance, or as a result of any subsequent amendment thereto.
    A nonconforming use shall result from failure to conform to the applicable district regulations on either permitted uses or performance standards. However, no existing use shall be deemed nonconforming solely because of any of the following:
    (1) The existence of less than the required accessory off-street parking spaces or loading berths.
    (2) The existence of nonconforming accessory signs.
    (l) Nursing homes: Rest homes and convalescent homes devoted primarily to the maintenance and operation of residential facilities for the treatment and care of any persons suffering from illnesses, diseases, deformities or injuries not requiring the intensive care that is normally provided by hospitals, but do require care in excess of room and board and who need medical, nursing, convalescent or chronic care. Institutions primarily for the treatment and care of mental patients, alcoholics or drug addicts, and facilities serving less than four (4) persons shall not, for the purpose of the zoning ordinance, be considered to be a nursing home. (See also Medical clinics, Section 35.1-11.8, Hospitals, and Section 35.1-11.12, Sanitorium).
    (m) Obstruction: Any dam, wall, wharf, embankment, levee, dike, pile, abutment, projection, excavation, channel rectification, culvert, building, wire, fence, stockpile, refuse, fill, structure, or matter in, along, across or projecting into any channel, watercourse or flood hazard area which may impede, retard or change the direction of flow of water, either in itself or by catching or collecting debris carried by such water or that is placed where the flow of water might carry the same downstream to the damage of life or property.
    (n) Official zoning map: That map dividing the city into specific zones or districts.
    (o) One hundred (100) year flood (base flood): A flood that has one (1) chance in one hundred (100) or a one (1) per cent chance of being equalled or exceeded in any given year. (Ord. No. O-90-047, 2-13-90; Ord. No. O-91-168, 7-9-91)
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