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    Home » Sec. 35-90. Delivery of Caol Over or About Sidewalks; Removal of Particles of Coal from Sidewalk.

    Sec. 35-90. Delivery of Caol Over or About Sidewalks; Removal of Particles of Coal from Sidewalk.


    Sec. 35-90. Delivery of coal over or about sidewalks; removal of particles of coal from sidewalk.
    Whenever coal is handled or transported over or about any sidewalk in the city, the person to whom such coal is delivered shall within one hour after such coal is delivered have all particles of coal or coal dust swept or removed from the sidewalk and street in front of or near his premises; and any person delivering any coal within the fire limits in this city, before delivering such coal, shall sprinkle the same with sufficient water to prevent any coal dust or particles of coal from escaping in any direction, except on the premises of the person to whom it is delivered. No coal shall be delivered on Main Street between Rivermont Bridge and Thirteenth Street; on Church Street between Fifth Street and Twelfth Street and on Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, Eighth, Ninth, Tenth and Eleventh Streets between Main and Church Streets, into, over or across the sidewalks, between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m., unless it be in sacks meeting the approval of the city; except, that where the inner edge of any coal delivery hole is a distance of four (4) feet or more from the back of the sidewalk or building line, on the above-mentioned streets, coal may be delivered thereinto without the use of sacks at any time; provided, that suitable metal cylindrical chutes or suitable metal semicircular screens, of a design and character meeting the approval of the city, be employed at all times and in each instance during such coal delivery, such chutes or screens being rigidly fastened to or supported by the sidewalk structure so as to be stable and so located that pedestrians may at all times of such unloading pass without obstruction behind such chutes or screens; and provided, that such delivery and unloading be accomplished without the blowing of coal dust or the spilling of coal outside of the chutes or screens; and provided further, that after each load of coal is delivered, the sidewalk and pavement shall be immediately swept and cleaned of all coal dust and particles whatsoever. (Code 1959, § 30-11)
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