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    Sec. 35-8. Obstructions Generally.


    Sec. 35-8. Obstructions generally.
    No person shall obstruct a street, either in its driveway or sidewalk, by placing therein anything whatsoever which will hinder or obstruct the passage of persons or vehicles in any manner whatsoever. Every hour the violation of this section continues may, in the discretion of the judge of the general district court, be held a separate offense; but, this section shall be subject to the following limitations, exceptions and provisions:
    (a) Telegraph, telephone, electric light companies and electric power furnishing companies may place such reasonable number of poles in the streets as may be requisite for their business; but, such poles shall be of such dimensions and be located or moved according to the direction and under the supervision of the city manager, and all such as may be erected on any paved street shall be painted and kept in good repair.
    (b) No portion of the driveway or sidewalk shall be used for the storage of building material or for the erection of temporary structures in connection with the erection of any building or structure, except by permission of the city manager, who shall designate in each permit issued the space to be so occupied and the time limit of such occupancy. In streets through which a railway passes, such material, shed or house shall be so placed as not to interfere with the passage of cars thereon. When such building or wall is being erected, the sidewalk in front thereof shall not be obstructed, but for the protection of persons passing a shed or platform shall be erected over such sidewalk, which shall be at least eight (8) feet high, and as wide as the pavement, and as long as the wall or building which is being erected, under which persons may safely walk.
    (c) Merchants and others, while receiving goods or other articles, may place the same on the carriageway next to the curbing front of their premises; provided, that not more than five (5) feet of such driveway, and no part of the footway, shall be so occupied; except, that on all streets in the city between Main Street and the James River, merchants and others may use the footway for the reception and delivery of such goods or other articles, if they do not interfere with the use of such footway by pedestrians. Such occupation of the footway or street shall be only for such time as may be necessary for such reception and delivery of such goods and other articles. (Code 1959, § 30-17)
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