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    Sec. 35-39. Indemnification of City.


    Sec. 35-39. Indemnification of city.
    The acceptance of a permit issued under the provisions of this article shall bind the recipient thereof and his successors in ownership to indemnify and save harmless the city from all claims for damages to persons or property by reason of the construction and maintenance of the crossover for which the permit is granted; and, also, upon the abandonment of the use of the crossover, to restore, at his sole expense, the sidewalk and curb, or either, to its original condition within sixty (60) days from receipt of written notice to him by the city engineer so to do. No permit shall be issued except upon the signed application therefor by the owner of the property to be served by the crossover, or his duly authorized agent; and the application shall show on its face that the applicant agrees to be so bound. (Code 1959, § 30-3.1)
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