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    Sec. 35-35. Permit Required; Conditions.


    Sec. 35-35. Permit required; conditions.
    (a) Any person desiring to cross the sidewalks or curbs or street right-of-way lines with any such vehicles or machinery to enter any private premises or private road or alley, shall make application to the city engineer for a permit to construct a driveway across city property to enter any such private premises or private road or alley on his premises, and when such permit is granted therefor, the persons securing such permit shall construct such crossing at their own expense of such materials as may be specified by the director of public works and shall cause the curbing, if any, to be removed for the required width of the driveway. All construction must be performed in accordance with the standards developed by the department of public works. A copy of such standards shall be kept in the office of the department of public works and shall be available for review upon request. It shall be the responsibility of any applicant for a permit to review the standards and become familiar with its requirements before beginning any construction work.
    (b) During the installation of any utility or its appurtenances, the public utility, public service corporation and their subcontrators, independent contractors or any other entity which performs work for them under the terms of this article shall have the responsibility to install the utility and its appurtenances in accordance with all federal, state, and local laws, rules and regulations and prevailing industry standards, and shall be solely responsible for any damages that may occur due to their failure to install such utility or appurtenances in accordance with such requirements. The city does not inspect any installation for compliance with such standards, nor does it assume any responsibility for the failure of the public utility company, public service corporation, their subcontractors, independent contractors, or any other entity which performs work for the utility, to comply with such requirements. (Code 1959, § 30-3.1; Ord. No. O-88-062, § 1, 3-22-88, eff. 7-1-88; Ord. No. O-88-176, § 1, 7-12-88; Ord. No. O-94-318, 12-13-94, eff. 1-1-95; Ord. No. O-99-037, 2-23-99)
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