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    Sec. 35-2. Removal of Encroachments.


    Sec. 35-2. Removal of encroachments.
    In every case of an encroachment upon a street by a fence the city manager may require the owner or maintainer thereof to remove the same. For failure to make such removal within the time ordered the city manager shall summon the offender before the general district court, which may impose a penalty of twenty-five dollars ($25.00) for each day such failure shall continue thereafter, and may cause such encroachment to be removed at the risk and cost of the party in default. All billboards now on city property, streets or alleys, or on any other property under the control of the city, shall be removed by the person who owns or erected the same. The owner of any such billboard who shall fail to comply with this provision shall be punished for violation of a class 3 misdemeanor in accordance with section 1-13. (Code 1959, § 30-5; Ord. of 9-7-77)
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